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5 basic rules on how to buy watches and jewelry in online stores eBay, Amazon, etc.


Buying jewelry and gems online can be a great way to save money. Online manufacturers typically have lower overheads than retailers, which allows them to sell jewelry at lower prices. Online retailers often buy surplus from retail stores and sell them at lower prices, and therefore, you can often find jewelry online at a price 50% less than in a regular store. However, as with any online purchase, when buying jewelry online, it is important to be careful both in terms of the purchase itself and in terms of protecting financial information.

What is the reason for the fear of buying jewelry and watches in foreign online stores?

Domestic buyers order inexpensive watches and small jewelry via the Internet, avoiding more expensive and reputable acquisitions. The reason for this lies in the widespread idea that such a product can not be bought through the network.
In fact, everything is exactly the opposite. It is desirable to order this category of goods in US online stores. But before that, you need to figure out what exactly it is worth acquiring and which delivery service to use.

Cost of jewelry and watches

In US jewelry stores, prices are an order of magnitude lower than in domestic stores, which means that jewelry made of platinum, gold or silver inlaid with all kinds of precious stones can be purchased at half the price than in traditional jewelry boutiques in the CIS.
About the same difference in the cost of watches from leading Swiss brands. So, models offered in domestic stores for 10 thousand US dollars and more can be purchased in American online stores at a price of no more than 5 thousand dollars.
In addition, customers can purchase products with significant discounts. Although a significant price reduction is extremely rare for this category of goods, large online stores and sellers at eBay are constantly offering particular promotional products. Also, stores will distribute their promotional codes, which you should not forget about when buying. In this way, they support the interest of customers, ensuring a constant flow of interested visitors.

The opportunity to purchase original products from leading manufacturers

In such online stores, customers can, at a reasonable price, order watches or jewelry from those manufacturers whose products are considered the most prestigious and expensive. These are, in particular, the Cartier and Tiffany companies. When buying products in US stores, you can be completely confident in their authenticity and highest quality.
At the same time, a completely different picture is observed in jewelry salons of the CIS countries. Thus, most of the proposed jewelry made of precious metals is imported from the countries of the Arab world, Turkey and China. Accordingly, this product is of low quality, in other words, you can easily stumble upon a fake.
Domestic manufacturers use low-quality Far Eastern raw materials in jewelry production, and, in most cases, they only assemble and brand products. This is the only way to cover costs and make significant profits.

Low quality jewelry

On the American market there are many products manufactured in different countries of the world and having a dubious level of quality. So, on the pages of online boutiques you can find a lot of offers like “gold chain”, “ring with ruby”, etc.
Such products are much cheaper than their counterparts and are characterized by extremely low quality. In addition to the price, the base products are issued by a standard stamping design. If you wish, you can buy such products, but it is better to do this in trusted places.

Brand jewelry

A buyer who visits such an online boutique in order to purchase quality goods should focus primarily on the jewelry of famous jewelry companies. This category includes premium goods produced by Cartier, Tiffany, BVLGARI, Damiani and Mikimoto, as well as budget products of the brands JohnHardy, A.Link, etc., the cost of which starts at one hundred dollars.
The last two companies are currently not very well known in the CIS countries, but are very popular in the USA and Europe. All their products are made in Italy and are distinguished by originality and sophisticated design.
It should be noted that in the choice of jewelry in the United States, the characteristics of the product should not be a determining factor, since the weight of the product or the size of the stone is secondary in comparison with the quality of workmanship and the materials used. Therefore, it is better to choose a product with more modest characteristics, but with a quality guarantee from a well-known manufacturer.

Wrist Watch

Selecting a watch in the United States is much easier than jewelry. A win-win option is the products of well-known Swiss manufacturers. But among the brands worthy of attention, there are not only expensive Rolex, Chopard or FrankMuller, but also more affordable, but no less high-quality Concord, Oris, Breitling, Ebel, Longines and Baume & Mercier.
Almost all Swiss companies provide an international guarantee for their products, so if necessary, the buyer only needs to find a service center of the corresponding company in their village.

Large eBay and Amazon Marketplaces

The most popular among American and domestic buyers are and online stores, in which goods are sold at the most affordable prices. In addition, sales taxes are not levied on these resources.
It should be remembered that any purchases are safe on Amazon, and on eBay you must first evaluate the degree of reliability and decency of the seller, especially in the case of the purchase of branded items for large amounts. At the same time, an important advantage of this auction is that traders strive to maintain interest in themselves by putting up for sale goods at the most affordable prices.

Closed sale sites for watches and jewelry

On such resources, you can often find sales of watches and precious products. The main task of the buyer is to purchase goods with the maximum discount. But you should not particularly rely on the indicated regular prices, because in most cases they are artificially inflated to make the discount more attractive. The buyer needs not to be lazy and compare prices. Also, do not pay attention to the various "jewelry offers of the day", as in this group of goods there are practically no discounts.

How to pay and which delivery method to choose?

The main obstacle to making purchases in foreign online stores, most domestic buyers consider the issue of delivery of goods. Concerns about the high cost and insecurity of transportation are actually somewhat exaggerated. It should be remembered that the probability of the loss of even very expensive jewelry is close to zero when they are shipped across the United States.
There are some of the most popular ways to deliver purchased jewelry and watches:

Delivery by a forwarding company

In this case, the buyer orders and pays for the goods with delivery to the address of the respective carrier. And the forwarding company, in turn, sends the goods to the final recipient. But in this case, there are certain limitations.
With such transportation, expensive products can be stolen, so experienced buyers send expensive goods in parcels with various goods. The forwarder packs these products in one container with other orders (clothes, shoes, electronics, etc.) and indicates them in the customs declaration as jewelry worth 5-10 dollars.
This allows you to reduce the likelihood of theft of goods, but this option is applicable only when purchasing products priced at less than one thousand dollars. And, in addition, obtaining insurance becomes almost impossible in case of loss of the parcel.

EMC courier service

Also a popular way to transport purchases is to transport them by the EMC courier service. In this case, the customer declares the full value of the goods and prepares insurance for it. But in the declaration it is necessary to avoid mentioning jewelry, since the rules of the EMC company prohibit the shipment of jewelry.

Express delivery

The best option for the transportation of expensive goods is courier delivery. The buyer completes the purchase, indicating as the delivery location the address of the courier who is in the United States, and he delivers the goods to the final recipient for a fee.
Finding a courier is not difficult, since there are many people who regularly travel to the United States for work or personal matters. And most of them will not refuse additional income. Many courier companies work with such couriers. Jewelry and watch industry goods are transported officially in hand luggage or by donning.
Just remember that using the services of unverified people in this case is unsafe, which means you need to be careful

Sky in Diamonds: How to Sell Jewelry Online

Five years ago, at the height of the crisis, Olga Suvorova launched her own business in the jewelry industry and began to gradually attract large factories to e-commerce. Today, the revenue of her online store Sky in Diamonds exceeds $ 12 million a year.

Olga Suvorova told portal about how to sell jewelry over the Internet and work with large customers.

Experience accumulation

My story is a typical story of a provincial conquering the capital. I graduated from high school at 15, entered the Moscow State Technical University. Bauman at the Faculty of Robotics and Integrated Automation, but pretty quickly realized that I wanted to do something else.

In the second year of the institute, I got the lowest position in the company for the automation of work in 1C "Business Guarantor". I remember how afraid I would not be taken, because I was not yet 18 years old. But she was afraid in vain: they not only took me to Business Guarantor, but also raised me to a consultant on the implementation of information systems. My largest project is the installation of Oracle in the 36.6 pharmacy chain. After this project, I was invited to work at Deloitte. The company just received a similar order from a book retailer with 400 stores throughout Russia. The customer was located in Novosibirsk, so I worked on a rotational basis - 10 working days in Novosibirsk, 4 days off in Moscow.

It was Deloitte who gave me extensive knowledge about retail, as well as the opportunity to exchange experience with expats familiar with the business of Walmart, Zara, Mango, Tesla and other companies. I understood very well how large network retail is organized, however, 60% of this knowledge was not useful to me in my business.

Small business is fundamentally different from large: both in terms of personal responsibility and in the amount of available resources. Many had to learn from scratch: how to register a company, how to get a license, how to keep accounts.

Girl's best friends

I launched Sky in Diamonds in 2009, when I turned 21. In the process of working on a strategy for one large network, I learned about the features of the jewelry industry. It seemed interesting to me.

The argument in favor of starting a business was the crisis. In 2008, together with my partner, whose share I completely bought back a year and a half ago, we worked enthusiastically for several months on a project to introduce an IT system in a large retail chain selling clothes. But because of the crisis, the client abandoned this project. Then we realized that it only seems to be that there are fewer risks in hired work. In fact, all major decisions that directly affect you are made by one person, and you are very dependent on him. I got an incentive to start my own business.

At first, we seriously considered launching a product sales network. We developed a business plan for a month and selected sources of financing. It’s good that they rejected this idea.

We realized on time: if you want to be successful, start a business with your own money.

"Sky in Diamonds" was originally conceived as an online storefront, without its own production and storage facilities. Two weeks passed from the idea to the first prototype, we began to make the service on a free engine, invested our own savings in it - $ 250. From the moment the site was launched until the first sales, a month passed, until the first profit - four more. During this time, we jointly invested about $ 20,000 in the project.

Taming of the Shrew

Now on our website, suppliers are represented, in whose warehouses goods worth $ 500 million are stored.

In 2009, when we, consultants in suits, first came to large factories and importers, showing them beautiful photos of their products on our miracle site, they were skeptical about us. Then our current partners did not yet believe what can be sold on the Internet.

But e-commerce was developing, Sapato, Lamoda and other major players appeared, they stopped looking at us askance and began to take them seriously. Moreover, today we sell more per day than the average wholesaler per week or even per month. One supplier through "Sky" on a non-holiday day sells for 50,000 - 600,000 rubles. On holidays, this figure can be easily multiplied by 3-5.

In addition to the part that is visible to the user - beautiful photographs of rings and earrings, “Sky in Diamonds” provides each supplier with a technological platform for organizing residues. Our website online exchanges data with the customer’s warehouse. For example, now we can hang out a new ring on the window 4 hours after its manufacture in the factory. The client sends us photographs, we ourselves make retouching, decode specialized characteristics and form a description.

From an IT perspective, the jewelry industry is a fairly conservative market. Five years ago, when we started, we asked suppliers to provide up-to-date information on balances. They handed us a pile of sheets with a list of articles. A manual document was outdated pretty quickly. To make a new one, the manager had to sort through the entire warehouse and rewrite the goods there.

Now we have 12 regular partners and 42 brands. Last year, we grew 2.5 times. Suppliers come to us more and more themselves, the service has good performance - over the year, the conversion has doubled to 2%.

But we don’t connect everyone. Those who are not ready to integrate with our system have to refuse. There are suppliers who sent us product photos for 3-4 weeks. We are also strict about shipping standards: it should not take more than an hour and a half.

Math scale

In June 2014, we launched a special affiliate program. Everyone was invited to open an online jewelry store, take advantage of our range, call center and logistics. The partner in this system remains to engage in customer acquisition. For each sale, the partner site receives 15%, and with an increase in turnover - up to 40%.

We attract customers to our website with all available online marketing tools: using SEO optimization, contextual advertising, affiliate networks, retargeting for returning former users, e-mail marketing. They even tried to use advertising in magazines, but this channel was ineffective. In March, February and December there are seasonal peaks in sales. As a rule, already in June we reach the turnover of the previous December.

The company processes more than 6,000 orders a month, the monthly turnover is $ 1.1 million, and the check ranges from 1000 rubles. up to 800 000 rub. On average, the client accounts for from 6000 rubles. up to 8000 rubles, the average check reaches its maximum in January, when sales in the extra-expensive segment are growing (jewelry is more expensive than 100 000 rubles). Apparently, these bonuses are the annual bonuses.

We do not have our own production and warehouse, we are working on the model of a classic online store. We aggregate orders, ship products from stock, deliver them to the buyer and engage in after-sales service.

A year ago, we launched the diamond exchange. Often, many requests were received from buyers, but in Russia, we could not find quality stones at world prices. In wholesale, the average price of a product with average characteristics began at 300,000 rubles. Specialized trading floors in the United States sold diamonds half the price. Therefore, we started looking for the best value for money at sites in Israel, London and Antwerp.

Now we have 12 people, 8 remote employees in Ukraine and 25 couriers. Before the season, we usually hire an additional 5-6 people for delivery. In the near future - the launch of the second showroom in St. Petersburg. В середине 2013 года мы решили открыть небольшую офлайновую точку в Москве, где храним самые продаваемые и уникальные брендовые украшения. Этот опыт оказался очень удачным. Теперь задача — транслировать его и завоевывать новые географии.