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How to install fose


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Guys, if anyone knows how to fix it, please tell me. I patched the game to the correct version, but when I started the mod (I started ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated on Activate) with foseloader.exe or FOMM a, the game started stupidly, and then Fallout3 stopped working. Help.

Guys to find instruction keep

Thanks, everything is clear!

When I open ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated! writes: Cannot find FALLOUT.INI, please select the FALLOUT.INI located in your My Documents folder. what to do?

Just unzip to the folder with Ira or on Rab.St

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Did you find what to do?

Guys, but you can do it so that the phosphor is launched by a standard launcher.

Now the game does not start.

ATP and then I had problems with Fose)

I don’t have any doubts, I call download and transfers to this site

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When you visit the site, there is such a yellow big button. Click download and that's it.

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Install FOSE
Replacing FOSE loader for the Russian version of Fallout 3
Setting Fallout3.ini


Where to get the folder FO3_3GB_ENABLER-6510?

Hello, I have a 32 bit system and it costs 7, help get rid of crashes

As I understand it, nothing helped after the above measures? Then you need to correctly sort the mods, if you have not done this before.

Hello, I have such a problem, I have a pirated Fallout and I need NoDVD and such a question, is it necessary to use your Fallout3.exe?

Dmitry, not necessarily.

hi, tell me what to do if all the same glitches in F3 just not at 7 but at xp

Most likely you have incorrectly sorted mods or the script expander is not installed correctly. Reasons, in fact, a lot, I recommend asking for help in specialized forums.

Fallout 3 - Stutter Remover

Requirements: FOSE 1.2 beta1 and newer A plugin that migrated to Fallout 3 from his brother Oblivion.
This plugin just miraculously affects game performance.
Removes stuttering, increases the number of FPS, prevents crashes from the game.

However, the plugin is designed only for software improvement of the game, if you have glitches due to iron, it will not help you.

The plugin is compatible with any mods. The only thing with it is that FPS may not change correctly.

358 times downloaded

Updated July 27, 2014

Fallout 3 - Enhanced Camera

An innovative mod that essentially does what the Fallout engine seemed impossible to do — display the character’s body in first-person view. Those. yes, now we can see our legs.

Implementations of this innovation along the way include a number of pleasant features:
- The camera no longer switches to third-person mode when sitting / standing up from a chair / stool / sofa, etc.
- The camera no longer switches to third-person mode when freely falling from explosions, the death of the character.
- In accordance with the movements of the body, the camera moves from the first person, i.e. there is a slight sway of the head both when running, and with a calm stance, which is more realistic.
- In stealth mode, the camera moves in accordance with body movements.
- When jumping, swimming, etc. you see the hands of our character.

For some users, a part of the character becomes invisible when entering the interior, to stop this, turn off the first-person shadows:
In the file Data / FOSE / Plugins / FOSE_EnhancedCamera.ini, replace the line:
bFirstPersonShadows = 0

Fallout Script Extender (FOSE)

Unzip the contents of the archive into the Data folder of your game.