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How to behave if you were caught cheating


In case of refusal, they will invite witnesses of the same gender as the detainee, with the aim of conducting an examination. The search, of course, should also be carried out by a police officer of the same gender as the accused. If the fact of theft is proved by discovering the stolen goods, a case will be instituted under the relevant article (attempted theft or petty theft).

You will learn more about the punishment and liability of minors for shoplifting. What to do if you are accused of shoplifting undeservedly?

About this - in the video below: Criminal liability comes from the age of sixteen (for some articles - only from 18 years).

However, a teenager who has reached the age of 14 can be convicted of a number of criminal acts.

These include theft.

Responsibility for shoplifting

Such penalties may be provided for them: Frequent theft in a self-service store is mainly due to the fact that security guards cannot always recognize a thief. The average buyer has an established pattern of behavior. But the attacker may experience such deviations: The goal of the fight against theft is not to catch the attacker by the hand, but to scare him away from the store.

The following protection systems can be used for this: Theft is an extremely unpleasant phenomenon that causes considerable damage to the owners of trading enterprises. To minimize the likelihood of a shortfall after a visit by attackers, you need to follow these recommendations: What to do if you are "caught"?

Shoplifting must have concrete evidence. So, for indictment the burglar

How to behave if you are caught stealing from a store

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The buyer went to the store to shop.

Everything went as usual, but a combination of circumstances led to the fact that the man was accused of theft. Extremely unpleasant situation. What to do, how to react? Let's figure it out. Actions store staff.

If there is evidence of unpaid goods, the buyer may be delayed at the exit from the store. Such evidence includes recordings from CCTV cameras or testimonies of witnesses - other buyers or store employees.

If it does not exceed a thousand rubles, then we are talking about petty theft and is an administrative (and not criminal) offense. The action of the police.

Arriving police must offer the buyer to give the unpaid products. But even in this case, an unscrupulous buyer continues to be responsible for his actions.

Police officers have the right to inspect things and conduct a personal search.

In this case, a protocol should be kept. Police officers of the same sex as the buyer have the right to conduct personal searches.

Criminal liability starts from 14 years old, administrative from 16 years old. After the incident, a teenager may be registered with a minor, and his parents may be held administratively liable.

Accounting and legal services

Actions store staff. If there is evidence of unpaid goods, the buyer may be delayed at the exit from the store. Such evidence includes recordings from CCTV cameras or testimonies of witnesses - other buyers or store employees.

It must be remembered that searching the buyer and inspecting personal belongings, holding them forcibly, and insisting on a fine, store employees are not allowed. Large or small theft in the store is the most common type of crime not only in domestic practice, but throughout the world. In order to effectively deal with this phenomenon, you need to understand what exactly to fight with.

It is worth highlighting the four most common schemes:

Accused of shoplifting

It can happen to anyone that you are illegally accused of theft, and in this case it is very important to know not only all your rights, but also to know what legal actions and charges may be presented to you by the store’s security, its management and police officers

In most cases, if a security officer suspects that you have stolen in the territory protected by him, he asks you to show him the contents of your personal bags and pockets. The law allows you to detain only if you can prove that this detention is based on reasonable suspicion.

Store employees, security guards, or police may require you to pay the fine immediately for the theft.

  • when you donate money to extortionists,
  • when you will officially be fined after you are convicted of theft.

The guard has the full right to detain a minor child in case of suspicion of theft, however, she has no right to conduct personal interviews without the presence of his parents.

In this case, there are two types of punishment: a fine of up to 80,000 rubles or imprisonment of up to 2 years.

How to behave if caught stealing in a store

rubles, the largest - imprisonment up to 2 years.

In addition, a criminal case is not instituted if the theft in the store does not exceed 1000 rubles.

rubles. I am 16 years old. we were caught when we beat off the clips, and taken to the station. maybe they won’t handle it. you paid, they did not report to the police, if of course everything happened, because

can they bring a case if I have a check in my hands right now (albeit acquired an hour after the video)? this indicates that you have repented.

Actions of store employees during theft: what can and cannot be done

All thief buyers can be divided into several main groups: The most common way is to eat foods on the trading floor. This is characteristic not only of buyers, but also of sellers.

Part 2, Art. 20 of the Criminal Code allows criminal liability for shoplifting from the age of 14. The guilty person can be released from punishment only in the event of a lag in mental development. If, during the year after bringing to administrative responsibility, repeated theft took place, then the thief will be prosecuted under Art.

158.1 of the Criminal Code. If the crime was not completed and an attempt was made, the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation establishes liability in this case as well. Administrative responsibility for attempted theft of Art. 7.27 Administrative Code does not provide.

There are several signs of behavior by which the security guard, administrator or seller of the store can determine that the buyer is a potential thief: It is quite difficult to find honest and principled people who would not have taken someone else's property under any circumstances. Especially if this property is not a specific person, but a large store. There are a lot of ways to steal store personnel.

These include: To prevent store employees from stealing, you need to create a certain atmosphere in the team.

People should understand that stealing is not only shameful, but also fraught with criminal liability.

In order to be able to constantly monitor the trading floor and storage facilities, you need to install CCTV cameras there.

This will help to track suspicious transactions and identify fraud of dishonest cashiers. Everything necessary should be done so that there are no unnecessary items and papers at the cashier’s workplace. Control over the activities of employees will help setting access rights in the cash program.

There should be no violation of the rules for working with cash. The management should conduct training, talk about measures of responsibility for theft and other legal nuances.

It will not be superfluous to use the system of mystery shoppers.

To minimize theft from buyers, a set of the following measures should be considered: Some practical tips can be saved from theft: Some owners try to reward employees to prevent theft. If you are interested in preventing thefts from your store and would like to justify your actions in terms of legal norms, experienced lawyers of our company will assist in this.