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How to draw a table


A table is an item that no house can do without, no room in a house. Desktop - where do lessons and other tasks. A dressing table is a common piece of furniture in a ladies' room. Dining table - at which they eat and drink tea. Actually, we will draw a dining or kitchen table. Drawing a table with a pencil is very simple, if you follow the simple instructions in the diagram-picture.

Pencil drawing step by step: table

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1. Draw a three-dimensional rectangle with right angles (this is the box).

2. Then draw the lines strictly according to the pattern.

3. Erase the lines of the diagram and leave only the details of the table.

Half a turn

In the first example, we will analyze the most common example, which will demonstrate to us how to draw a table with a half-turn view from above in stages. If you want the drawing to turn out to be even and accurate, it is better to use a ruler.

At the first stage, we need to depict a parallelogram. In other words, this is the top surface of the table, but since we draw it with a view from above and in volume, it will have a slightly different shape from the usual rectangle.

Now draw the side. To do this, from each lower corner we draw a short line down, and then connect them. Thus, our top cover immediately became voluminous.

It's time to work on the legs. At an angle closest to us, we draw three lines: the central one is the longest, the right one is a little shorter, and the left one is even shorter. Then we connect all the ends.

On the same principle, draw three more of the same legs. Most importantly, they should not be the same length. For example, the hind leg is the smallest. Carefully study the picture below and redraw it.

The final step will be coloring the resulting picture.

And now we will demonstrate how to draw a table with a pencil on the side. This example is much easier than the previous one. Therefore, if you have mastered the past, then this one will be even easier for you.

To get started, let's make a simple sketch. Let's draw a polygon from which four lines will go down. The two center lines should be shorter than the extreme. Also, do not draw them too close, because in the next steps we will turn them into legs, and this will require space.

Next to the stripes that we did in the previous step, draw one more. In addition, we draw the side of the upper surface. Please note that it has not the usual rectangular shape, but a little rounded.

Add bulk to our legs. To do this, for the legs on the left side, draw another short strip on the right, and for the legs on the right side, draw the same strip on the left. Then connect their corners. It may not sound very clear, but if you look at the picture below, you’ll figure it out right away.

Our drawing is ready! It remains only to take the eraser and erase all the auxiliary lines that we no longer need. And then, colorize the drawing in your favorite colors.

Until this moment, we considered rectangular shapes, this time we will demonstrate how to draw a round table. He is portrayed no more complicated than the previous one, and in some moments even easier. Therefore, sharpen pencils and proceed to drawing.

First we need to draw a regular narrow oval. This is made much easier than with the parallelogram in the previous examples.

Add volume. To do this, we draw a contour under the oval, which will go along along the entire lower part. So we draw the side.

Now draw a leg with a rubber tip.

And three more of the same and our drawing is ready. You will have to paint it in any colors to your taste.

Well, for those who want to see the living process of drawing with their own eyes, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the video tutorial, which is presented below.


Also, we want to insert two more video tutorials in this article that demonstrate how to draw computer desks. They are quite simple and are no different from the parsed examples above, except that they have additional drawers.

We will not analyze in detail the drawing of these tables, since if you coped with the previous ones, then you will easily draw these.

Bottom part

Also under the base of the table is the lower part, which does not allow the parts to separate. Draw it a short distance from the base.

Erase unwanted lines that go beyond the borders.

How to draw a table? | We draw in stages a table with food, in perspective, and a chair

| We draw in stages a table with food, in perspective, and a chair

A table is a necessary piece of furniture in every home. Tables come in many shapes, sizes and purposes. A folding table is also very necessary in case of a large number of guests. This table does not take up much space, but a large number of guests can sit behind it without problems. Even in the living room, a coffee table with carved legs and a glass top will find its place.

This page contains pictures on which you can draw a table and chair with food in a simple pencil and in a phased manner.

How to draw a table with a pencil in stages

A table is a piece of furniture found in every home. It consists of countertops and legs. Tables are usually made of wood. There are modern tables made of plastic. By appointment, tables can be divided into dining (kitchen), computer, magazine, writing and others. Drawing a table is not at all difficult. First of all, you need to arm yourself with a ruler in order to draw straight lines at different angles and begin to draw a table here in stages with a pencil.

Stage 1. First we draw auxiliary lines. These are two straight lines parallel to each other in the upper part of the sheet at a small distance. They are crossed by four, also parallel to each other, straight lines.

Stage 2. Looking at our drawing, we draw the table top of the table. The long sides are along the upper straight and the sides of the countertops in between.

Stage 3. From the plane of the countertop we draw the lines of the faces of the countertop (the so-called edges of the top of the table). Then along the first straight line down we depict one table leg.

Stage 4. Along two straight lines we draw two more table legs. We connect the front legs with the so-called crossbar.

Step 5. Draw the fourth leg. We show the lines indicating the thickness of the legs (their volume) and again connect the front and back legs with the crossbar.

Stage 6. The result - this is such a flat table will turn out in your picture.

Step 7. Paint it either brown, black, gray, or yellow. You can show the roughness on the table parts in the picture, because they are usually made of wood and cannot have a uniform structure and color.

How to draw a table: step-by-step instructions

Your kid was fond of drawing interiors, trying to portray houses, rooms and the furniture in them? But, perhaps, at the first attempts, he cannot make objects “three-dimensional”. Try to figure out with your child how to draw a table using the suggested instructions and guided by the stage sketches. The knowledge gained will help the baby in the future, when you need to portray something like that.

Stage one: sketch

To understand how to draw a table, you must first look at the objects surrounding reality. Pay attention to the distance property of some of their parts in space. Given it, you can make the drawing more believable.

1. Start with the outline on the sheet of two lines coming from the two upper corners and meeting below. You will receive the base of the first table leg.

2. Step back on the left diagonal to a distance equal to the width of the table (base of the second leg). Draw a line from this point towards the right edge.

3. Step back on the right diagonal to a distance equal to the length of the table (base of the third leg). Draw a line from this point towards the left edge.

4. The intersection of these two dots will be the lower edge of the fourth leg.

5. Swipe up from all the resulting outlines the same length dashes equal to the height of the subject.

6. Continue to work according to photo 2. As a result, you will get a box from which you can simulate a table of any shape.

Second stage: shadow design

To make the picture more realistic, you need to design it in a "light" solution. This means that all faces of the subject will have different tinting. This is what you need to pay special attention when studying how to draw a table with a pencil in stages. Figure 3 shows the legend:

- oblique hatching - coloring of faces facing the light,

- cross hatching - toning of the shadow side.

Do not forget to apply this rule when painting the surfaces of not only the front legs, but also the rear.

The third stage: specify the silhouette

When deciding how to draw a table, the baby must take into account one more mandatory point. To obtain a harmonious image, the interior item must fully correspond to the style of already created furniture. The neighborhood of elegant chairs with thin legs and too massive other objects will look rather strange. But to start learning how to draw a regular table, it will be enough for the child to master the presented technique, drawing, for example, chairs, cabinets, etc. Having learned from this example how to draw a table in stages, do not forget to delete all the dashed lines in conclusion, Make constants clearer. Well, the sketch is ready! Perhaps, it remains only to decorate the table with a vase of flowers, and the image will look completely finished.

Surely, the proposed instruction on how to draw a table will help the child present images in the form of volumetric objects and depict various interior details on paper.

How to Draw a Table - Drawing Tutorials

A table is the easiest household item to draw. In a simplified form, it consists of simple geometric shapes - rectangles, rhombuses, sometimes circles or ovals. Legs are attached to the rectangular or round table top, mainly four of them.

Let's look at how to draw a table step by step.

  1. Let's draw a diamond-shaped table cover - horizontal lines run parallel to the horizon and to each other, vertical lines run at an angle to the horizontal.

  1. We lower two front legs from the lid - strictly perpendicular to the horizontal surface of the table. Draw dashed lines from the base of the legs along the table surface to determine the starting point of the hind legs.

  1. And now we draw the back legs of the table - visually they begin and end higher than the legs in the foreground. They are equal in length to the front legs.

  1. We draw the lateral plane of the table top, remove all the excess lines.

  1. We decorate the table with details - the floor or objects lying on the table.

Done, we drew the table in stages.