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Stop letting the kid go to the Mac


If your family uses a shared computer, parental controls for children must be established. This can help you restrict access to programs, websites and shops, limit your computer time and privacy. These step-by-step instructions will help you create a safe Mac work environment for your children.

Create user account

Step 1: Click on the Apple logo in the menu and select "System Preferences."

Step 2: Select Users and Groups.

Step 3: Click on the lock icon to allow changes, and enter your password upon request.

Step 4: Click the + button to add a new user.

Step 5: In the “New Account” drop-down list, select “Parental Control”.

Step 6: Fill in the remaining information for your child’s account and click “Create User”.

Enabling Parental Control

You can apply such restrictions from an account with administrator rights to any other account with normal privileges. If children often use your Mac, it's time to create a separate account for them.

When an account is created, you can configure parental controls.

1. Open Settings and go to the section Users and groups.

2. We remove the restriction on changing parameters by clicking on the lock in the lower left corner (you will need to enter the OS X administrator password).

3. We select an account for which we will include restrictions and set the flag Enable Parental Control.

Please note that the type of account will change from Standard to Managed.

Setting Parental Control

Now you need to configure parental control restrictions.

1. Go to the settings section Parental control and remove the restriction on changing parameters.

2. In the left panel, select the user for whom we just turned on Parental Control.

3. We configure access in each of the tabs.

What can be limited

The settings window is divided into six tabs: Programs, Web, Shops, Time, Privacy, and Others. Let's take a closer look at what can be done on each of them.

In section Programs You can restrict the use of the camera on a computer, restrict rights in the Game Center, and restrict access to certain contacts in the mail. The most useful will be the ability to restrict the launch of certain applications, for this you should mark the last flag and indicate in the list only the programs allowed to the user.

In section Web you can either enter several unwanted sites, access to which will be blocked, or allow access to only specified network resources.

Tab Score A ban on access to iTunes or age restrictions for content is imposed. Please note that downloaded movies or music that are not stored in iTunes will not be restricted.

Section Time allows you to set a time limit that can be spent on the computer on weekdays and weekends. The system will be able to prevent a child from using a computer at night.

In section Confidentiality Access to contacts, calendars, reminders and social services is provided.

Tab Other You can limit a number of system functions.

This instruction is especially relevant for owners of Apple laptops. Children can instantly drag a lightweight MacBook Air, miniature MacBook 12 ″ or MacBook Pro into their room and freely surf the net.

With Parental Control, children will be protected from inappropriate content, films or games. And the time that you allow to spend at the computer will be fixed by the Mac itself.

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