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We draw a kitten with a pencil along with my “kitten”))


How to easily draw a cat with a pencil in stages - for children and adults. We learn to draw a beautiful cat with a child in stages with a pencil. Learn how to quickly and easily learn how to draw a beautiful cat.

To make it easy for a child to draw, for example, a cat, we will tell you how to draw a cat in stages. Draw with the child, then it will be easier for him to remember and master the pattern of the cat.

Take a sheet of paper and a pencil and start drawing with the child in control and prompting him. At the top of the sheet of paper draw a circle so that it is slightly extended to the sides.

Then from the circle down draw two curved lines, from these lines just below half of the curved line draw two more curved lines, these lines will indicate the hind legs of the cat.

So, you get the cat’s body and the cat’s hind legs.

Now you draw the ears of a cat, they look a bit like triangles with arched sides.

Look with the child at the bottom of the cat's face, here you need to draw a nose in the form of a triangle, draw two curls from the nose - this will be the cat's mouth.

Now the cat needs to draw eyes. The eyes should be semi-oval in shape with pointed corners at the edges. Inside the eye, draw circles, and inside the circles draw a pupil, it should be elongated.

Look carefully at the drawing your cat does not have enough legs, now we will draw the legs. Draw four paws on the cat, each foot should have three fingers.

Now the cat needs to draw a tail. The tail should be drawn on the left side of the cat. The tail of the cat should be a little fluffy.

Your kitty is almost ready, but to make her look more beautiful, draw her a little fluffy on her breast and legs.

Now draw fluffy ears, a cat’s antennae and draw a bow for the cat for beauty.

Well, your kitty is ready, near the kitty you can draw a ball, a ball with which she plays or a mouse.

Another phased drawing of a cat

Now let's see in stages how you can draw another kitty in a different way.

Let's see how you can draw a cat to its full height in another way, for this we offer you step-by-step instructions and visual pictures.

Take a sheet of paper and a pencil, for a start you need to mark out a sheet of paper so that the kitty enters completely.

First we’ll draw the cat’s head. Look carefully at the following picture and draw the cat’s head in exactly the same way as in the picture, now draw the triangular ears, look carefully at how the body is located and draw exactly the same.

Put the cat’s sketch lines with thin strokes so that you can then adjust, wash and draw on.

Then you can start drawing the cat's face, the bottom is slightly pointed, the nose is triangular, the mouth in the form of curved lines is located under the nose.

A little higher than the nose, draw the cat's eyes, they should be in the form of an oval with pointed ends.

Now pay attention to the ears of the cat, they need to be slightly corrected so that they turn from simple triangles into beautiful ears, draw a mustache and finish the eyes of the cat, draw her vertical pupils.

Now you should start drawing the torso of a cat, look carefully at the picture and draw the front legs of the cat and the toes on the paws.

Look at the following picture, now you need to finish the back of the cat, tail and draw her hind legs. Add kitty a few touches that will make her more attractive and pronounced.

Remove the lines that interfere and are redundant in your drawing, circle the outline of the cat more vividly, paint your cat in any color that you like.

Here you have such a beautiful cat.

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Why the ability to draw

So, let's go through the stages of my creative flight. This is a surprise job for my son. I made it for a birthday card. But to use such images can be much wider. For example, a kitten drawing is perfect:

  • In order to have fun and interesting time with your little one,
  • For the design of children's parties,
  • For painting with special paints glass and ceramics.
There are many reasons, and this is far from everything where such a simple skill as drawing a kitten in stages with a pencil is useful to us. So let's get started.

We come up with the image of a cute creature

Probably everyone sees kittens as those who play with a ball, a ball, trying to catch up and grab their nimble tail or hanging on the curtains. And rightly so, this is childhood, when it is time to be naughty and learn the world and your abilities. Here is our soft ball of wool - this is just a child who wants outdoor games.

But what if we saw him at the time of “preparation”, when he was just planning a jump, chasing or conquering heights, climbing? Now he is calm, but still a moment, and everything will turn around, causing us anxiety for the baby, then joy and fun, then anxiety, so that at least one thing survives after such a hurricane!

Trying to transfer an imaginary character to paper

To draw a kitten with a simple pencil, we need paper, a pencil and an eraser. Foot our hero spoiled little Ryzhik, but because I need more and colored pencils.

How to draw without auxiliary lines? We make two ovals. The upper one should look more like a circle; in the future we will have the head of a kitten.

The lower one is a slightly oblong, egg-shaped, and we depicted it so that later it would turn into a fluffy body with a few movements. Ovals have points of contact.

On the head we draw the outstanding cheeks of the baby. And on its top now ears are sticking out that are trying to catch all the sounds.

How to learn to draw a tail? The time has come to pay attention to the subject that so often serves as a cause of concern for our pet. And therefore, the tail should be beautiful, but also cocky, ready at any opportunity to jump out and start running away from the poor kitten. Can you make a tail like that? I got it like that ...

Here we draw the paws, both front and rear. Now they are all under the taurus. But it’s already clear that they are real springs, and that’s about to make the cat dance.

It's time to remove all unnecessary details. We erase all the auxiliary lines, but we need to direct them.

Of course, the image is not completed until the beast has mischievous eyes, with which he manages to notice where he urgently needs to intervene so that there is peace and quiet in the house.

We finish the ears, do not forget about the antennae, fingers and nose.

Since we have a red cat, we draw the picture in a red-orange color. The baby’s eyes are still blue, and the tips of the paws and tail are white. We make black the nose that loves to interfere in all matters.

Now I myself had to paint the cat, because the picture is a gift to my son. This is a pleasant undertaking, but now I understand how important. And therefore, the next time I will instruct my little son to decorate the picture, I will always thank him for his work, because he takes responsibility for the most important moment.