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How to make a paper airplane


This scheme of origami aircraft was mastered by many at school. To make an airplane, you need only a rectangular sheet of paper.

How to make an origami plane:

Bend the corners of the rectangle on the left diagonally to the central longitudinal strip. The resulting triangle, consisting of two bent corners, bend to the right side until a rectangle is obtained.

Bend the corners of the left side of the rectangle as described in the first paragraph. The protruding parts that are knocked out of the triangle, bend to the left side.

Fold the sheet in half horizontally. Flatten the top of the sheet. Get two quadrangular wings.

It’s better to launch such an airplane at an angle of 45 degrees. This figure is called a glider or arrow. This version of the airplane can fly over short distances.

Blunt airplane

The best origami planes can travel long distances without falling. It is known that flight range can be improved due to the large wing area.

But it is not necessary to use a paper or other large sheet of paper to create the airplane. Even from an ordinary A4 sheet you can make a long-range bird, you just need to bend the tip of the nose. This will increase the aerodynamic performance of the figure.

How to make a Delta glider

Take a rectangular sheet of paper. Fold in half vertically, then fold back.

Bend the upper corners of the square diagonally to the center. They should reach up to about two-thirds of the height of the sheet.

Bend the corners diagonally again. This time, you should get a trapezoid, the lower part of which (a rectangle) will occupy only about one fifth in height. At the trapezoid, bend the upper corner. He must reach the place where the right and left parts of the bent corners are docked.

Fold the future glider in half vertically so that all previously folded corners are on the outside. Expand the outside until you get wings.

Delta plans well over long distances. The disadvantages include the slow drop rate.

An airplane can be decorated by drawing portholes or signs that are found on real gliders on its “sides”.


Night Hawk

This is a paper model of a real F-117 invisible plane. For the manufacture you will need thick paper and scissors.

Take a square sheet of paper. Arrange it like a rhombus. Fold several times so that you get bend lines connecting all the vertices. Straighten.

Cut the rhombus in a vertical fold line to the center. Bend the upper two triangles down overlapping each other so that the upper half of the rhombus becomes approximately two times smaller in height.

Bend the top of the rhombus again. This time, a triangle should form, which will reach the bottom corner approximately to the middle of the bottom of the original rhombus.

Bend the lower corner of the upper triangle up to the very edge. Fold the figure vertically to the right.


For this model you will need colored paper. It is recommended to prepare paints or felt-tip pens in advance to apply war paint to the figure.

A4 sheet folded horizontally, then straighten. Bend the corners of the right side of the rectangle to the central longitudinal line. It will turn out a small triangle.

How to make a paper airplane

Today we will tell you how to make a dream plane, of course it will be out of paper, but it will fly far and long. To fold an airplane out of A4 paper and arrange a distillation competition is a great idea. Are you ready to prepare for this event thoroughly? Let's find out how to make a paper airplane that will be better than other products.

Simple airplane making

Want to make a lot of beautiful and pointed aircraft? Easy! We will consider the most interesting options below. But now let's remember and tell the children how to make an airplane out of paper according to the old pattern.

  • we take a sheet with A4 format, put it vertically and visually draw the middle line,
  • bend the right and left upper corners to the planned line so that they are placed in parallel, and their joint does not block each other,
  • in the resulting figure, we bend the right and left sides again to the middle,
  • fold the blank in half, the fold should be in the form of a "slide",
  • fold the wings of the plane.

We made a plane, but it is not ready for the flight yet. Arm yourself with felt-tip pens or a marker, make the desired color and finish the portholes.

Now you can send the liner in flight.

Airplane with a range of 100 meters

After simple models of airplanes, your child will ask how to make an airplane out of paper so that the duration and range of the flight is longer. Let's try to construct a model, with not just a long flight, but direct and beautiful. If everything is done correctly, the finished aircraft will fly at a distance of up to one hundred meters. Let us immediately clarify that this work involves the use of elements of the origami technique.

For manufacturing you will need only one rectangular sheet. Getting started:

  • Take the prepared sheet. Color can be any, optionally use white. You can use office paper with a blue or green tint.
  • Position the sheet horizontally and bend it in half. Open the workpiece and turn it upright.
  • Bend the top edges to the intended vertical line. As a result of folding you should get a triangle.
  • The ends of the triangle "turn" out. With their noses they should touch the intended line. Repeat this action again.
  • Expand all the parts that we folded. Next, bend the paper from one and the second side along the outlined lines to the center strip.
  • Where the lines intersect, bend the sheet forward. Use your fingers to carefully push in the new fold line. Open all bent parts again and return the sheet to its original condition.
  • Fold the sheet, focusing on the first line, which is located at the top. The resulting workpiece is bent to a line located in the center horizontally. We put the corner so that it is located exactly on the line.
  • We turn over our workpiece and bend it at the horizontal mark. Again we turn over the workpiece and make it so that the resulting triangular part looks “nose” up.
  • We bend the parts located upward towards the bent line in the center. By doing this, you will notice that the workpiece will begin to assemble on its own. You need to smooth the paper thoroughly, do it carefully.
  • Fold all the parts in half. Bend your wings. When the wings are bent, make small bends, their size should be from one to one and a half centimeters.
  • We open the blank and get the plane. Align the crafts.

The plane is ready to fly, do not fly far! Now you know how to make a simple airplane out of A4 paper. Step-by-step actions may seem long, but it will take a little time for all the work. Having caught, you will be able to produce several aircraft in five minutes.

Origami plane in 5 minutes

Does your little fidget not like to wait? Check out the instructions that will show you how to make an origami paper airplane quickly. Even if you are new to this business, the job will take five minutes of free time.

Plane in 5 minutes

This type of craft is even suitable as a souvenir. Please a colleague or dad by folding an airplane from a banknote according to this scheme.

As for the quality of the craft, such a plane flies further than the previous scheme, parents, get ready to search for the plane after launch!

The most important thing in this plane is to achieve two identical (mirror sides). If your sides are even, then the flight will certainly be ideal.

  • take a rectangular sheet (the color can be any), fold it in half,
  • open the workpiece, and, as in the previous version, bring the upper corners to the center line,
  • bend the upper nose to the bottom of the triangle, fold the side parts of the top,
  • we bend the side parts to the center line, you should get an isosceles triangle,
  • fold it in half and measure 10 centimeters from the nose,
  • at the point where ten centimeters were measured, we make a bend, we gently iron all the lines,
  • the nose is divided into two parts and each side is “turned” inside out,
  • In the end, we straighten the triangle in different directions at the plane, we get wings, their ends need to be bent up.

It turned out a great plane. Please note that no special skills are required to make such a craft; this elementary plane is ready for a few clever actions. Complex constructions we will consider below.

A plane that can fly far

Ready for more advanced models? In fact, today there is a huge selection of paper planes. If we talk about the leading paper crafts, then this is Falcon, Albatross, Eagle Owl or Hawk. We suggest learning how to make a powerful paper airplane, which is proudly called the Storm.

As in other manufacturing options, A4 paper is needed. Let's do the phased production:

  • We bend the paper so that the sides are symmetrical. Carefully smooth the line that turned out and return the workpiece to its original position.
  • Make a triangle at the top in the same way as in the above examples. Each top edge should be in contact with a horizontal line.
  • Fold the sheet again, you should get a triangle with a sharp top. At the bend, we connect the sheet.
  • Expand the workpiece. Turn the sheet over and bend it, on the other hand. We bend the sides from the sides to the center point. Turn the triangle again.
  • Turn the craft over and bend again. The finished structure, which should already resemble an airplane, is bent in half. Bend out the top of the wings. They can be bent so that they resemble the wings of a real airplane.

That's all, you have learned how to make a paper airplane yourself. Why is it worth doing this craft? You will be pleasantly surprised, after all, the flight of this simple flying aircraft is up to 1000 meters, and if it starts on the street, the distance can become even greater.

Making a glider

You say that a paper glider is a craft that will take a lot of time and need knowledge? No, we will answer. At its construction will take a maximum of five minutes, while well, it takes effort to fold and bend. Do the craft and go out into the fresh air!

Glider template

And, as usual, we prepare paper with A4 format for work, but we add scissors or a knife for clerical work, as well as plasticine. Make sure that these tools are not taken by a small child. In the manufacture of such crafts involving the baby, it is better to take special scissors, the sharp edges of which are protected.

Getting to the production of:

    Put a sheet in front of us. We bend it in half and smooth the line with a hand or ruler. Using scissors, or as already mentioned a knife for clerical work, cut the sheet in half, along the line that you received after folding.

Making a glider

  • You should get two small leaves. One of them needs to be bent in half and draw a blank on it. To make it easier for you, we are attaching a template, you just have to choose the right size, print it or just gently outline the contours and apply paper to the monitor.
  • Cut the resulting workpiece. Now an important step. Small cuts should be made on the wings and tail.
  • We take a ruler and with it we give the desired look to our workpiece. Do it very carefully, try to keep the result even. There is no need to rush at this stage, because we want to. To our glider was high-quality and flying.
  • Where the nose of the glider is located, glue a small piece of plasticine. We close the nose.
  • Remember the cuts we made before? In these places on the tail we bend and unbend the paper. We do the same with wings.
  • So that our finished design can fly, take a pencil and smooth the wings with gentle movements. This action will help them slightly bend.

    Ready glider

    The glider is ready! Test time. To check how well the glider flies, position the structure vertically down and release. A correctly made model will fly up. If you notice that the glider leans to one side, do not be discouraged. Our model can be adjusted by lowering and raising the adjusters.

    Gift plane

    We continue to design aircraft. The next model will require a little more materials and time, but you will get an attractive toy. And if you try and decorate the finished product, you can get a wonderful gift that will please grandfather or dad on February 23.

    Let's prepare the materials:

    • 2 sheets of thick paper (it is better to use cardboard of any color),
    • stationery glue stick,
    • a simple pencil
    • matchbox packaging.

    We carry out the work in stages:

    Gift plane preparation

    • On paper using a pencil mark two strips. The width should match the matchbox.
    • Using scissors we cut out strips. With their help, later we will make wings for our aircraft.
    • On the second segment, we mark two strips with a width of one and a half centimeters, the length of the entire sheet of cardboard. We also cut them out. Set aside one strip aside, and cut off two parts with a length of eight centimeters from the second.

    We make a plane

  • Getting to the assembly. We take a box of matches and one long thin strip of paper. We bend it in half and glue it to the box.
  • Using wide stripes we make wings. The corners of the wings can be made rounded, for this we cut off the extra corners with scissors.
  • From one thin strip we make a tail. We round off the ends of the strip, bend it in the middle and glue it to the end of the tail.

    Finished plane

  • To complete the composition, cut the propeller out of paper and stick it to the nose of the aircraft.
  • The craft is ready. Of course, such a design will not fly, but as a toy or as a present it will fit perfectly.