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How to make artificial blood at home


Many Halloween images require blood to create. A vampire will not be like a vampire unless his lips are stained with blood. This detail is needed to create images of zombies, the risen dead, a crazy doctor and other frequently encountered characters. Let's figure out how to make blood for Halloween.

We buy in the store

Today, buying artificial blood is not a problem. Even if there is no store selling goods for rallies in the city, you can always order the right product online.

Artificial blood is sold in capsules and tubes with a long "nose", the latter option is certainly more convenient, since the substance can be applied directly from the tube to the face. Capsules are convenient if you need to make bloody stains on clothes. To create small splashes it is very convenient to use an unnecessary brush (for example, a toothbrush). It is dipped in a red liquid, and then, running a finger along the bristles, create a fan of spray. So you can spray both clothes and face.

But if for some reason it was not possible to buy a substitute ready for use, the artificial Halloween blood can very well be made at home.

Bad ideas

Those who first set about creating a creepy look for a carnival often come up with the idea of ​​replacing Halloween blood with ketchup or tomato juice. Of course, such a replacement may be suitable for a home party, but in general the idea is unsuccessful. Firstly, ketchup is a little like real blood, and secondly, it will quickly dry out and begin to fall off pieces of skin.

Not a good idea - to paint red paint in water. In this case, the substitute will turn out to be too liquid.

However, the most unfortunate idea is to recognize attempts to use real blood, for example, leaked, when defrosting meat. This is a protein substance, it will quickly begin to deteriorate in warmth, so the dress in the blood will soon begin to spread an unpleasant odor. And morally it may not be very pleasant to know that the costume is stained with real blood, even if it is animal blood. And even more so, it is not necessary to apply real blood to the skin and lips, this is unsafe.

We will not use the options listed above, but we will choose more convenient and safe recipes. We will figure out how to make a substitute for artificial blood at home.

Beetroot Syrup

In almost every house there are ingredients with which you can make a blood substitute from beets. This recipe is quite simple and does not require large expenses.

Let's start cooking:

  • we clean the beets and rub it on a grater, you can use a blender to grind the root crop, it is safer for manicure,
  • put the chopped vegetable in a saucepan, pour water so that the water level is about a couple of centimeters higher than the level of grated beets,
  • put the pan on the fire and cook at low boil for about five minutes, stirring occasionally,
  • now you need to add sugar, the more sugar gets into the pan, the thicker the blood will turn out. But you can’t overdo it, because you can get caramel instead of syrup. The optimal ratio of sugar to water is two to one,
  • you should cook a little syrup so that all the sugar has dissolved, remove the rising foam with a slotted spoon,
  • then you need to turn off the heat and let the liquid cool slightly, then pour a small amount of vinegar (this will make the color brighter) and vodka (alcohol will act as a conservative),
  • it remains to strain the resulting liquid, and the substitute is ready.

If beetroot “blood” will be used to create the image of a vampire, that is, applied to the lips, then food and taste additives (for example, jam syrup) can be added simultaneously with vodka, but this is not necessary. The substitute will turn out to be sweet, unless, of course, you overdo it with the addition of vinegar. In addition, you must remember that the shade of the resulting liquid will depend on the beet variety. Therefore, you need to choose a bright and not very dark root crop.

It does not hurt to take into account the fact that the pigment contained in beets can stain the skin a little.

Therefore, if this substitute is applied not only to the lips, but also to the entire face, then in the morning you can wake up spotted. Beetroot blood is also poorly washed with clothes, so it should be used only if the suit is not a pity.

Syrup and Dye Blood

Beetroot blood is suitable for application to clothing and skin, but you should not make “bloody” tears from it. If this substance gets into the eyes, it will pinch strongly, the eye may turn red and become inflamed.

To prepare safer blood, dyes used in the food industry are used. It is more convenient to take the paint in gel form, as it is convenient to dose. If only dyes in a dry form are available, then you need to mix them in water and add them dropwise before use.

A safe Halloween blood recipe includes:

  • sugar:
  • water (it is preferable to use distilled, but you can just boiled),
  • a quarter of a spoon of soda
  • two thirds of a spoon of crystalline citric acid.

We start cooking by cooking the syrup. We heat 150 ml of water, pour 330 grams of sugar and citric acid into it. Slow heat for at least half an hour, but no more than forty-five minutes. Then remove the finished syrup, let it cool slightly, and pour in the soda, stirring intensively. Remove the foam.

We put the syrup on the fire again and bring to a boil, pour the corn starch solution into the boiled syrup (you need to stir a quarter cup of starch in the same amount of water). Let it boil and remove from heat. Now you need to add food coloring. If you put only red, then the blood will turn out to be incredibly bright, so you need to add a blue dye drop by drop, achieving the desired color.

The prepared substitute can be applied to the skin, but it must be borne in mind that if amaranth or potassium rhodanite was used as a dye, then such blood will not be washed off very well, you will have to rub the skin with a washcloth.

Blood substitute for clothing

To mimic blood on clothing, substitutes made from inedible ingredients can be used. For example, it’s very easy to make a blood substitute from paints with your own hands. It is better to use acrylic paints, they allow you to get a more believable result.

To prepare the product, you need to dilute the most common wallpaper glue or cook a paste from starch or flour. Then add paint to the prepared base, achieving the desired shade. Such a substitute will help to make a dressing gown in the blood for the image of a bloody nurse or a crazy doctor. The clothes on which the substitute will be applied cannot be returned to their previous appearance, so you can use only those things that you will not mind throwing away.

Blood prepared on the basis of vegetable oil, in which the building color is dissolved, looks very realistic. Such a substance does not dry out and does not curl, however, it has a big drawback - oil is absorbed into clothes. To eliminate this minus, it is recommended to include melted paraffin in the composition. Such artificial blood can be applied not only to clothing, but also to the skin, with the exception of the face.

How to make artificial blood

Very often, when you write a game on the subject of horror, you ask yourself: how to make artificial blood at home?

For the first time, our team was faced with the need for a large amount of artificial blood when writing a game about a maniac. We then thought of a spectacular pre-game briefing: near the scene of the crime lay an agent, covered with a sheet and abundantly sprinkled with a frightening red liquid.

Also, the den of a maniac was conceived, on the walls of which, in addition to photos of the players, liters of artificial red mixture were poured.

The idea at first was encouraging, until we looked at how much 100 milliliters of this pleasure was in a special store ... The budget for the upcoming game began to loom in the tidy region ...

And then we decided to make artificial blood at home. That's right, our player, in combination with the actual maniac, spent half a day in the kitchen stirring a red brew.

Proven method: how to make blood at home

Subtracted the artificial blood recipe on the net:

  • 1 tablespoon flour
  • red (2 tablespoons) and green (quite a bit, sprinkle on the eye for shade) food coloring
  • 1 glass of water
  • maple syrup

But the first couple of ingredients are still fine, within a radius of 200 meters you can find, and maple syrup was too lazy to look, so it was replaced with sugar syrup (dissolved sugar in hot water).

  • boil water
  • pour sugar into it to a viscous consistency (by eye) to make syrup, but do not overdo it
  • add flour and mix thoroughly. This ingredient gives the texture of blood and it ceases to be transparent (like real)
  • Well, at the very end we fall asleep the red dye and mix
  • if the liquid seems to be very bright, add a little green dye
  • we cook it all for about 30 minutes, but not so that it boils straight, but so that there are bubbles on the surface

Well, that’s the principle. If you need more artificial blood than 1 cup, then increase the ingredients proportionally and you will be happy.

A few more options for creating artificial blood at home, but we have not tested them in practice.

Cocoa Based Recipe

  • 1 teaspoon of cocoa (Nesquik suitable)
  • red food coloring (a pair of spoons)
  • 250 milliliters of water
  • 450 grams icing sugar

Well, now the recipe itself is in steps:

  • mix the powder with water in a blender and stir until completely dissolved
  • now add cocoa and food coloring
  • mix everything thoroughly again

Cocoa is said to give artificial blood a more natural color. Well then - let’s take a word.

Glycerin Recipe

  • 120-160 grams of glycerin (3-4 jars)
  • gelatin
  • traditionally food coloring

  • warm glycerin
  • pour 5 grams of gelatin into a heated liquid
  • add red dye to the desired shade mix

The artificial props for the entourage is ready!)

Artificial blood

There are quite a few ways to create artificial blood at home: from the simplest edible recipes, the ingredients for which everyone has at hand, to the complex compositions that are used on the set of Hollywood films.

The easiest and cheapest way is to use tomato ketchup or watercolor paint. Of course, this does not look very realistic and believable, so you should look for other ways to prepare artificial blood.

You can, of course, use pig blood for a realistic simulation. She looks more than believable, but there are several unpleasant moments - it’s almost impossible to wash your suit from her, and the smell leaves much to be desired.

How to create an original image? How to make artificial blood at home? There are answers to these and many other questions.

Cooking Artificial Blood

In order to make the most believable blood from improvised ingredients, you will need a viscous base and a small amount of food coloring. As a basis, you can take sugar or any other syrup of a transparent color, as well as a mixture of water and gelatin. For cooking, you need a red dye and a small amount of blue and green.

Now it is worthwhile to dwell in more detail on how to make artificial blood. For cooking you will need:

  • 1.5 liters of ordinary water,
  • 40 grams of gelatin
  • food colors (red, green and blue).

First you need to boil the water and dissolve the specified amount of gelatin in it. In the resulting mixture (it should become viscous), you need to mix the red dye until then, until you get the most realistic concentration. In order for artificial blood to look even more believable with your own hands, you should add a small amount of blue and green.

A viscous base can be sweet syrup, which must be diluted with water to the required consistency and add dyes to it.

Artificial Blood Recipes

How to make artificial blood? There are several more ways to cook at home. So, for one of them you will need the following ingredients: ketchup, corn syrup, liquid food coloring red and water. For cooking, you need to dilute 3 or 4 tablespoons of tomato ketchup with water (200 ml), add a few drops of dye and 1 tbsp to the mixture. a spoonful of corn or sugar syrup. Mix all the ingredients carefully and use for decoration in the style of Halloween.

Useful Tips

How to make artificial blood at home - figured out. And now it’s worth considering more sophisticated options for creating plausible substances - for example, blood clots. They maximally convey the mood of the holiday and give realism to the character. So, for cooking you will need:

  • Wallpaper glue or gelatin (the first option is undesirable for sensitive skin).
  • Aniline dyes (most often used for fabric) or food colors in red, blue and green.
  • Water.

First you need to make a small amount of a red solution - to do this, mix water and a red dye, as well as a few drops of blue. Then pour the gelatin in a thin layer, and glue - in small chunks and sprinkle all this with artificial blood. Gently pouring gelatin, you can get very realistic clots and blood crusts. In order to reliably fix them on the surface of the body (for example, a knee or face), it is best to use sandalic glue.

To create realistic clots, you can use dyes of other colors, you can get light green blood of an alien or a gray-brown mass, similar to the contents of the cranium.

Imitation blood from powdered sugar

To make an imitation of blood similar to real, just from powdered sugar you will need:

    Powdered sugar in an amount of 450 grams Red dye (food grade) - 2 tbsp. Cocoa - 1 tbsp. Water - 240 ml. or 1 glass

First mix the water and powder for about thirty seconds. You may need a pulsation mode to break large chunks. The powder should be completely dissolved in water.

Pour two tablespoons of the dye, close the lid and mix until the dye is uniformly mixed. Then sprinkle one spoonful of cocoa and mix thoroughly again. It will help the mixture thicken a little and give the red color a more realistic shade.

Remove the lid and put a little mixture into a spoon. Drop it on a paper towel to better understand how the color looks. To get the shade you need, drip more dye or vice versa - cocoa to get the shade you need.

You can fill a plastic bottle and store it in the refrigerator until better and happier times. It is plastic, to make it easier to pour on yourself, since the mass thickens.

Fake blood from flour

Fake blood can be made completely real in appearance! No one will even determine that you are using fake blood, because it will be very voluminous. To do this, you will need:

    Flour - 1 tbsp. Water - 1 cup (240 ml) Food color (red) - 2 tbsp.

Take a small pan and pour 1 cup of water into it. Add 1 tablespoon of flour to the water and beat the mixture to break all the pieces. You need to dissolve the flour in water. If you don’t have a whisk, you can use a fork to quickly mix water and flour.

Heat the mixture. Turn the switch to maximum heat, and hold the pan until the water and flour begin to boil. Then reduce the heat to medium or low to reduce boiling. Boil the mixture for 30 minutes. Turn off the heat and let cool. Preparing such a mixture will make your fake blood volume.

Dilute the cooled mixture with dye and mix the paint thoroughly until the color is completely uniform. You can add more dye for a brighter shade of blood.

Chemical cut - iodine and alcohol

Actually, not iodine and alcohol are used, but potassium thiocyanate and iron chloride. Often in tricks, a solution of iron salt is applied, imitating iodine, and then they cut a hand with a knife, which is previously rubbed with "alcohol", actually rhodanite. These substances react and the viewer thinks that a real cut has formed. There is also the second part of the focus, when the wound is neutralized by passing a colorless fluoride iron over the arm.

Fake blood from beets and gelatin

For the manufacture of fake blood, you can use simple and cheap ingredients - beets and gelatin (can be replaced with starch). Use about 15 grams of gelatin per liter of water, although 25 is required according to the instructions, otherwise you will get too thick a consistency. Gelatin does not need to be stirred thoroughly, as clots will add even more realism.

Свеклу натрите на очень мелкой тёрке и поместите в кастрюлю. Залейте воды так, чтобы над пюре было около сантиметра воды. Варите минут 5-7 на медленном огне, а затем процедите через марлю. Остаётся смешать желатин со свекольным соком и ваш грим готов!

Gouache and Vegetable Oil Fake Blood Recipe

If fake blood is required in the form of a non-drying liquid for application to the face, then use a mixture of gouache with vegetable oil or glycerin. Start with a small drop of paint and achieve the desired consistency gradually. After adjusting the color, mix thoroughly again. Such blood is easily washed off and looks very realistic, for example, as an addition to a vampire costume. We do not recommend applying such blood to clothing, as it is difficult to wash off.