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How to make a quick survey of your customers in 5 minutes in Google Forms?


what kind of survey I wouldn’t go through all the time, writes that I’m not suitable for a survey, and then what’s the point? Are there any secrets how to fully pass them so that money is credited?

M yeah) There are "little tricks", not knowing about which, polling time will always be wasted in the empty.

And in order for the essence of such a “business” to become clear, anyone should understand the following: those who need information about something need to receive this information from knowledgeable people.

Selection bias "the presidential regiment is not easy "but in general, you need a young man (25-35 years old), living in a large city, working and having an average or slightly lower average income per month.

Education - preferably higher good read and few things in the house) This is to the question: "when are you planning to buy a new refrigerator"))

Well, there is a “good share of idiocy” in the work of “interrogators” when they receive payment from, for example, Samsung, which interesting question with a survey to your fridges guys must work out this money in full)

You have been asked this question, and you honestly answer that you are not planning a purchase. And then we arrived ..

From this place, the questionnaire program "rejects" you as unsuitable for the current question and you "fly out" of the survey, like a cork from a bottle)

The same applies to all other "lotions" that a normal person has from birth, but for respondents this is a big minus.

And further. To be less likely to be on the side", you need not to make mistakes and take into account the previous answers, because" in the office "for a long time comparative analysis all your pros and cons.

As soon as the respondent is “not completely” honest, he is immediately rejected according to these criteria.

To summarize: truthful answers are your minus, but if they are "out of place", then a plus) Participate in all surveys until the end. - Do not even dream, "punctures" and "forgetfulness" - this is for everyone.

PS High-quality answers to BV are much more profitable and more interesting than any questionnaires, so do not waste your time and nerves that after it comes around too low self-esteem.

Hone in yourself the art of twisting - This is not the happiness with which it is then easy to live. It's easier not to get dirty..

Why bother with polls if I already know everything?

For example, an IP sits and thinks how to improve his online fly swatter with a built-in fiscal drive. Or does not know how customers perceive his fly swatter and how much they are willing to pay for it. Or thinks how to make a service or service better.

It would be nice to sit and think our spherical IP in a vacuum and would not bother anyone. But as a rule, these thoughts result in many days of exhausting interrogations of your close circle, who simply do not need your problems. Let's be realistic - few people care about our fly swatter.

Why invent something out of the blue, torment yourself and loved ones, if you can just ask your audience or customers?

Let's go back to my recent survey, which was the reason for writing this post. I asked two simple questions:

And got a clear answer

In general, I try not to spam and do not annoy blog readers with too frequent mailings. But it turns out that 70% of those polled are ready to receive newsletters every day, and 17.6% once a week. The result surprised me, frankly, since I was sure that sending news every day was a bad man. This does not mean that I will immediately begin to do daily newsletters, but certainly more often than once a month.

I also got interesting results on social networks, but I won’t show them here, since they are very sudden =)

In short, it’s easier to do a short survey to get a better idea of ​​your problem.

In fact, in order to conduct a survey, now there are quite a lot of professional tools. Burnt marketers often use the SurveyMonkey paid service, and the standalone LimeSurvey script is also very popular in the West. There are some other Russian services, but I have never really worked with them.

But I'm afraid that for ordinary IPs, these sophisticated survey tools are too redundant or complicated. For example, with LimeSurvey, without a bottle of a well-known drink, an unprepared person is completely impossible to figure out.

And for the vast majority of entrepreneurs, the free Google Forms tool will be more than enough.

How to do a survey on Google Forms?

Before moving on a minute of self-promotion =) I created a YouTube channel for this blog, on which I will upload videos with all kinds of instructions for IP. At some point, I realized that it’s possible to make a video much faster than writing a sheet of text.

You can subscribe to the video for IP here:

And the first video will just be a video about the Google Forms service. You can watch a short six-minute video, or read the regular text version below.

So, let's begin. First of all, you need to create a Google account:

If you already have mail in Gmail, you can immediately start creating the first survey. To do this, go to Google Disk

And immediately create a survey through the “Create” menu

Fill out the name of the form and answer options:

There is nothing complicated here, quickly figure it out. To add another question to your questionnaire, just click on the icon with the “+” sign (see above).

To change the color scheme, change the color palette as in the image below:

But before publishing the survey in the public domain, you need to make a few more settings:

  1. “Collect email addresses” - I do not recommend setting this setting, as this will scare away your respondents. Why on earth should they “shine” their email address?
  2. “Submitting the form no more than once” is also not necessary, since in this case only those people who have a Google account can pass the survey. And in Russia, not everyone has it. Yes, and people do not want to give out their email right and left.
  3. “Modify responses after submitting the form” is at your discretion. If the respondent wants to change the answers, then he will be able to do this if given the opportunity in the settings.
  4. “See other answers and summary charts” - I do not recommend, especially for important business surveys. Thus, you simply merge valuable marketing data to your competitors. I would leave this opportunity to view answers exclusively for insignificant polls. For example, for a survey from the series “Which breed of cats do you like?”

And the last significant setting in Google Forms that you need to do:

This is access to the survey, which must be correctly configured. Otherwise, everyone who is not lazy will be able to add their questions and answer options, which will reduce your work to Sisyphean labor.

Make sure that the access settings are set as in the figure above and click on the “Save Changes” button

How to publish a survey? Which link to use?

Click on this icon in the upper right corner:

And we see our first simple survey:

You can make sure that it works and even answer questions. As soon as you answer, I will receive a notification in the mail. Magic, and only =)

Of course, you will have another link that you can share on your site, on social networks and so on.

And the last poll settings:

In order not to forget about your own poll =) Set up alerts for new replies to your email. To do this, click on the inconspicuous icon with three dots:

And enable email notifications:

For processing in Excel, you can download the answers in CSV format. But this option will be useful already for Excel magicians and lovers of beautiful presentations.

A few simple tips for effective polling:

  1. No need to fence a survey of many questions. No more than 5 simple questions that take no more than 1-2 minutes. If the survey turns out to be very difficult, then it would be more reasonable to break it into several parts. But in no case do not torment your target audience.
  2. Extremely clear questions and answers. No need to write questions in the style of letters of the Ministry of Finance =) No one will even read too long or abstruse wordings.
  3. Before sending the respondent to the survey by reference, explain to people WHY your audience needs it. Outline the problem and what it will give to the respondent. This is an important point that is often forgotten. No need to write that you need it. Nobody cares what you want at all. But I think that most IPs already know this, since they have already passed a good school of survival =)
  4. You need to make an eyeliner for the survey. This may be a letter, an article on the site in which you refer to the collective mind. If you simply place a button on the website or in the social networks “Pass my survey”, then the effect will most likely be zero.
  5. No need to collect personal data, as this will immediately raise a lot of questions and distrust.
  6. Be sure to report that the survey is anonymous. It is clear that he really should be anonymous.

Something the article was too big, it’s time to round off, otherwise I can write on this topic for a long time. If you have something to supplement, you can write about it in the comments.

Dmitry Robionek

I created this site for everyone who wants to start a business as an IP, but does not know where to start. And I’ll try to talk about complex things in the simplest and most understandable language possible.

the minus is that you can answer at least a hundred times from one device, it does not control what the person answered

Yes, there is such a moment. But if you need restrictions on the number of votes via IP or cookies, then such a feature in paid services.
Or try the LimeSurvey script.

The essence of paid surveys

First of all, it is worthwhile to understand who and why it is beneficial to conduct surveys among the broad masses of the population. Filling out profiles for money is offered by various sites called questionnaires. They collaborate with many well-known manufacturing companies and collect statistics for them.

The largest companies engaged in the production of consumer goods or providing certain services are interested in improving the quality of their goods and taking into account the wishes of real consumers. This is what you will do - express your own opinion, evaluate this or that manufacturer in order to give him the opportunity to improve his product.

Typically, these companies set certain criteria for the selection of respondents (users who participate in research). Such criteria may include the following:

  • gender and age (there are surveys about products intended for women or for a category of people of a certain age),
  • region of residence
  • lifestyle (this may include employment, the availability of transport, pets, children and much more).

The questionnaire site selects only those users that meet the specified criteria. And the manufacturer himself pays for the work of such participants.

Thus, you can get a good reward for answering simple questions, expressing your own opinion and sharing your impressions about the products used. To start taking surveys, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basic rules for participation in such studies, the features of registration and receipt of payments. Armed with the necessary information, you can easily begin to receive additional profit without any special difficulties.

Features of registration on questionnaire sites

To start earning good additional funds, you will need to go through a simple registration procedure in one of the popular survey projects. You can find a list of reliable and proven resources for work here.

I recommend you to register on several sites. This will allow you to fill out even more profiles, and therefore, get more profit. However, first of all, be sure to read the terms of cooperation with each of the questionnaires and select those options that are most attractive to you.

Almost every Internet resource during registration will need to enter some data and perform a certain algorithm of actions. So, you will need:

  • indicate your name and surname, age, country of residence (it is worth specifying only real data in order to withdraw money without problems in the future),
  • enter e-mail (this is a prerequisite, since in the future you will receive invitations to participate in marketing research to the specified mailbox),
  • come up with a strong password to log into your account (if you register on several sites, be sure to write down passwords so as not to lose access to your personal account),
  • study the privacy policy and user agreement of the site for the polls (almost every resource provides this information so that each participant is confident in their safety, knows their rights and obligations).

In some cases, you may also need to enter a mobile phone number. All this is usual registration data, which you, for certain, specified when creating accounts on other Internet resources.

After entering all the data you need to confirm registration. To do this, an email will be sent to your mail with a link to complete this process. By visiting the email inbox and clicking on the link indicated in the letter, you can finally register and activate your account.

The next required step will be filling out a profile questionnaire. Each survey project requires participants to provide as much detailed information as possible about themselves. So usually required to indicate:

  • your education and employment,
  • Your family’s average income
  • the presence of a car, own living space, etc.,
  • the presence of children, pets and more.

Indicate only reliable information about yourself, as this affects the number of surveys you receive from a particular project. Also remember that all data is repeatedly checked, and any attempts to trick the system can lead to the blocking of your account along with accumulated funds.

After that you you will need to regularly check your inbox (try to do this at least 2-3 times a day). Invitations will be sent exactly to the mail, allowing you to go through a particular survey. Having received a letter with such an invitation, you will need to open it and find in it a link to the questionnaire. Usually it is presented as a button. In addition to the link, such letters indicate the reward that you will receive after successfully completing the test.

You will need to click on this link to start filling out the form. You should also familiarize yourself with the main features of passing the tests.

Rules for participation in marketing research

After you click on the link indicated in the invitation, the system will offer you to pass two versions of the test - short and full. The first will be a short version of the questionnaire, where you indicate your gender, age, city of residence and other basic data that will help determine whether you fit the specified survey criteria or not.

If you meet all the criteria, then you will automatically be redirected to the full version of the test. If you are not suitable for a specific survey, then your participation in this study will end and you will have to wait for the next invitation. It is worth noting that many projects offer a comforting reward for all participants who passed the short version of the test, but did not come up for a complete survey. Usually this reward is 5-10 rubles.

A short version of the questionnaire may contain 3-7 questions. It will take you about 2-3 minutes to complete such a survey. Filling out the full version usually takes from 10 to 50 minutes, and you will have to answer 20-70 questions regarding certain products or services (for example, airline services, pet products, hygiene products, etc.).

When filling out questionnaires It is important to follow certain rules:

  1. Answer the questions presented honestly. It is important to express your real opinion about certain products. Give answers based on your personal experience and your own preferences. This will allow you to become a more sought-after respondent and receive more invitations in the future.
  2. Do not attempt to trick the system in any way. Almost all projects check the quality of the answers provided. Work honestly and then you will succeed.
  3. Fill out the questionnaire to the end and do not miss questions. It is important that you give answers to all the questions that are presented in the test. Only under such a condition can you count on a full reward.
  4. After the last question, wait until a notification appears on the screen that you have successfully completed the study. Do not reload the page so as not to lose data that has already been entered.
  5. Check your mail regularly and respond to all invitations in a timely manner. Remember that often each questionnaire is limited either in time or in the maximum number of respondents. Therefore, the faster you go to the links indicated in the letters, the better.

После того, как вы полностью пройдете опрос, на ваш счет будет начислено вознаграждение. Подробнее обо всех нюансах начисления выплат вы узнаете дальше.

Начисление выплат и способы вывода средств

Сегодня многие опросные проекты начисляют вознаграждения в виде реальных денег, которые можно легко вывести различными способами. However, there are also resources that provide a reward for participating in marketing research in the form of special points. In most cases, these points can be converted into currency at a special rate, which differs in each project. You can also score:

  • exchange for various prizes provided by the site administration (this may be equipment, useful household items, various trifles),
  • spend on the purchase of discount coupons for shopping in various online stores,
  • donate to charity (the same can be done with money, since many questionnaires work with various charitable foundations).

Most often, the cost of one questionnaire varies from 10 to 100 rubles. When you accumulate the minimum amount for withdrawal, you can transfer it to an electronic wallet in one of popular payment systems (Webmoney, Paypal, Yandex Money, Qiwi and many others). You can see the balance on your account by visiting your account. The minimum threshold for withdrawal varies on each site and is usually 100-1000 rubles.

Also, many survey projects provide the opportunity to withdraw payment to Telephone number. This is a great option for those users who do not have registered e-wallets. However, I still recommend that you create an e-money wallet. This procedure is free, takes a few minutes and brings many advantages, including the ability to work with the maximum number of projects for earning on the network.

I hope that the article was useful to you, and you learned the main features of filling out questionnaires. In the future, this knowledge will help you organize your workflow correctly and begin to get a good additional profit, spending your free time not only profitably, but also with interest.