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How to promote a musical group (tips for beginners)


Your group is at the same time friendship, partnership and joint business. Relations in a group are different, but rarely are they simple. There are more than two people, and each has its own opinion, which must be taken into account.

To enjoy teamwork and achieve common goals, it is important to be able to communicate and understand the desire of your partners. And of course, it's good to do your part of the common cause. Below are some tips to help you increase both your personal effectiveness and the effectiveness of the group as a whole.

1. Rehearse more
If possible, learn your part before starting a joint rehearsal. So the group will be able to focus on small details and hear how everything sounds in general. Well, get more pleasure from the game. If some sections of the song are not clear to you, just say so. The sooner you get the answers, the better for everyone.

2. Understand who you are in the group
If you do not know what your role in the group is, ask about it. You just play, what have you been given? Or are you the leader of the group? Do you have a say in the creation and selection of material? After you decide on this, you will feel more free in “your territory”.

3. Give what you can
Be it equipment installation or assistance in promoting a group, try to be helpful. It is possible that your skills are not limited only to music. So why not apply it to everyone for the good? Maybe you like to drive and you can take the group to a concert, or you are fond of design and can develop t-shirts and posters for the group? Or maybe you have a lot of useful contacts, and you can organize a group performance through them? Maybe you have a place for rehearsals? Especially at the initial stage (when there is not enough money), all your skills will be very much in demand.

4. Respect all participants
Not every member is a group leader, but this does not make his role less valuable. Everyone contributes to the overall sound, and therefore deserves respect. Any tool has its own characteristics that are worth considering. Allow all team members to participate in the discussion and decision-making. In the end, all the participants give a lot of their time to playing in a group, and it will be great if they enjoy it.

5. Be punctual
The members of the group depend on each other. You must respect the time of each of them. Come on time for performances and rehearsals, and do not waste your colleagues' time on expectations. So you can just lose your place in the team.

6. Spend more time together
Even if you are not friends with your group mates, try to find time after rehearsal to have lunch or go to a concert together. True friendship and understanding are important in music. So you can really create art, and not just "do business". In addition, the more you know each other, the sooner you will find problems in relationships and will be able to solve them.

7. Discuss the style
Make your group look memorable. A group where each person is dressed in his own style looks mediocre. Even if your style is something protesting and messy, let everyone be on the same wavelength. Discuss this with your partners so that the outfit selection is not random. Your show is both action and sound and your appearance. Every detail is important. Make your show memorable.

8. Work more on stage
If you are a musician, your task, among other things, is to show the stage. Enjoy the performance and give people love. It could just be a smile. Or thank the audience for what they came. Or maybe you should think about good choreography. Make sure that you and your group mates give people maximum energy and emotion. So those who came to the concert will come again and again.

9. Participate in the promotion of the group
Participation in a group is not limited only to music. The promotion of the group is the same part of the musician’s life. This does not necessarily take much time. Just invite your friends to a concert or put up posters. If you play a lot of concerts, don’t flood your friends with offers, just send them a general list of upcoming shows.

10. Be extremely honest.
I'm talking about money. If your group began to earn, share money honestly. The team should be open in this regard. Ideally, the group should decide together what to do with the money. If the income is not large, you can pay for a joint dinner, gas, etc. If there is more money, you can share it, organize a common fund, or spend on recording the next album. In addition, if you have a sponsor, be sure to thank him with the money earned.

11. Talk about problems
If there are things that bother you, be sure to talk about it as soon as possible. Of course, if you are just in a bad mood, then it is better to keep it to yourself. Talk about everything you think is important. If you keep silent about small problems, they can become big. For serious questions - for example, what to do with the money earned, or when one of the members leaves the group - organize a meeting, discuss everything and make a decision. And do it as soon as possible, until the problem escalates into conflict.

12. Learn from mistakes
Be prepared to learn from mistakes. After a rehearsal or show, talk about what happened and what didn’t. Be open to your partners and learn how to get feedback from them. Music (like life) is an endless learning process.

13. Have fun!
You most likely got involved in music because you love it. Do not lose this passion when playing in a group. It is an honorable role to be an artist. Let's love and have fun!

1. The name of the musical group (simple and memorable)

Name of the music group should be memorable, easy to pronounce. It is also important that almost anyone can write it without special training, for example, on a fence. In the underground environment, sometimes there are names of groups that cause bewilderment - how one person can tell another about your the groupif he didn’t even understand how to pronounce her name correctly. Not to mention how another person who is interested in your work will find it in a search.

A big plus will be catchy, shocking, well remembered title. Examples are Red Mold, Leather Deer, and many others.

Together with group name immediately think about the logo, in the future it may come in handy when creating the group's products (merchandise).

2. Music product (write down the best)

Perhaps the main key to the success of any musical collective is their music product (music, songs). No matter how shocking, cute, completely unlike everyone else, your vocalist, or the group as a whole, if your creation will not “cling”, you will never come to success. Of course, there are examples of groups whose name has been heard by a much larger number of people than their creation. But you want to become famous and collect large halls? So one of the main components of success will still be yours creation.

For example, rehearsing more than one month, you have accumulated a certain amount of material. What to do with him?

Record one or more songs that you currently consider the best. Here you need to understand one important point: today a large flow of information "falls off" for any person, therefore it will be more competent to attract attention by each release separately, so you will have more chances to be more noticeable. You will have more informational reasons to declare yourself again and again.

3. Concerts (stand out!)

Gathering a musical group, many, not yet well prepared material, begin to give some concerts per month in clubs, referring to this as a “free rehearsal”. This is fundamentally the wrong approach.

Firstly, because you will definitely tell your friends about the group that has appeared and invite them to concerts. Arriving at the next "rehearsal", friends may not see what they expected from you, and bring them to the next concert it will be much more difficult, and the audience will always be needed, you don’t want to play in an empty room?

Secondly, when you are not yet known to anyone, they will take you to play mainly at festivals (“hodgepodge”), where many young music groups perform, sometimes even with already known headliners.

There is another subtlety here - from 5 to 10 groups playing with you at the festival, you should at least somehow stand out. Of course, if you want to not just play "for show", but to be remembered, including by the jury, which sometimes happens at festivals of beginner musicians. What if this is a fateful concert, after which a producer will come up to you to offer assistance in promoting your musical group?

For this, each performance needs to be thought out, both in terms of the presentation of the material itself, and in its teamwork. You should look interesting on stage and not “mess up”. Make a video sequence for the songs, come up with an element of the show on stage, stand out! The more interesting it will be, the more people in the audience will remember you. Pay most attention to the festivals where the voting for the best group takes place. If the audience in the hall sees that you were preparing, approached the matter “with a soul”, most likely they will give their votes to you, rather than to the group that just came out and played several songs.

4. Director (band manager)

Not many aspiring musicians understand how important it is to have good manager for music group. After all, no matter how talented you are, without promotion your creation runs the risk of remaining in the dark. Almost every talented artist always has (yal) good director (him manager).

2. Where to look for him?

Your manager at the initial stage, any person who sincerely wants to help you in promoting. If none of your friends offers self-help, don’t be upset, look around for a person with good business acumen, who is definitely interested in music. This person should be primarily sociable and “punchy”, whose goal in the near future should be to promote your creativity to the masses.

In this article, we examined the main points associated with the preparation for the promotion of a musical group. In the following, specific actions for promoting a musical collective will be considered.

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