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Nail piercing at home with and without jewelry


Don't know how to decorate your nails in an original way so that they look interesting and not everyday? Then I have a great offer for you: try to do piercing nails! This procedure, like other types of piercings, consists of piercing a hole and placing jewelry in it - earrings. However, it is fundamentally different in that it passes absolutely painless and bloodless. But before deciding to do a nail piercing, I suggest a little study of all the subtleties of this procedure.

More recently, representatives of informal youth could surprise us with a nail piercing, but times are changing, and now this type of nail decoration is an original delicacy for both a housewife and a business lady. Nails piercing in fact, it is a peculiar kind of nail art manicure. How is this procedure carried out?

Nail piercing is performed in three stages:

1. First of all, the nails need to be strengthened, for which gel or acrylic is used, since piercing a natural nail can lead to its delamination. It is for this reason that most often piercing is done on extended nails.

2. Next, on the free edge of the nail, a small hole is made with a special thin drill. And here a special technique is required. First, you need to drill from the inside of the nail. And secondly, at right angles to the nail plate, so that the hole is correct.

3. And in conclusion, it remains to insert an ornament into this hole - an earring. To do this, it is easiest to use special tweezers.

Moreover, the choice of earrings depends only on your imagination. It can be just carnations of various shapes - an asterisk, bead, flower and others, a ring of various sizes with pebbles, beads or without, as well as recently multilevel jewelry. They can be found quite easily in manicure stores and on the Internet.

It is also worth noting a few useful tipsto be observed when performing a nail piercing.

  • If you do the piercing along with the nail design, then you need to wait until the nail polish has completely dried
  • Do not pierce all nails - this jewelry is created to emphasize only one of them. Usually this is either a fingernail on the little finger or on the ring finger of the left hand, as they are the least “working” and the risk of catching the earring is lower.
  • Speaking of clinging. Many believe that the earring on the nails is not practical in that it can lead to nail damage or cling to pantyhose and so on. Of course, you need to get used to it. For starters, you can remove the jewelry at night and while doing homework. But gradually it will be felt as an extension of the nail and will not do anything harm.
  • Regarding performing a piercing at home. I recommend that you still do not do this, especially if you decide on such a procedure for the first time and especially on natural nails and for lack of special tools. In this case, you are in great risk of simply damaging the nail. And the most beautiful nail is healthy and well-groomed. So if you decide to have a piercing, it’s best to contact the salon, where you can also familiarize yourself with the work of the master and make sure the procedure is safe.
  • When choosing a jewelry, try to harmonize it with your entire image as a whole, that is, match the tone of the rings, chain, earrings, bracelet, and also your manicure. Particularly beautiful piercing fits under the jacket and nails that have a square shape.

Photo of a nail piercing.

Piercing is a rather specific type of nail decoration and it is not often found, so this approach to design is quite original. If you decide to decorate your nails in this way, then follow the tips outlined above. In the end, you can try once, because this is not such a piercing as on the body, which will always be with you - the nail will grow back and the piercing will be cut off. Have a good choice, experiment! Until!

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What is nail piercing?

This is a puncture of the nail plate, through the hole which hangs a pendant with a ring, decorated with pebbles or rhinestones. This type of nail piercing, currently fashionable, has a beautiful appearance, unlike other piercings. On long female nails, it looks mesmerizing, and glittering jewelry attracts the eyes of men even more.

But when you learn about such a new type of nail decoration, you should not immediately run to the salon to start creating it. First you need to find out if the nail piercing is suitable for everyone, are there any restrictions for its implementation. But, do not do it to those people who have sore fingers.

How to do a nail piercing at home

Nail piercing is done on healthy, complete nails. It should not be: layering, brittleness, softness of the nail plate and skin diseases associated with the surface of the hands.

Nail plates should be sprouted to medium size or long, short not suitable. Nail piercing is quick, painless. Moreover, it can be done both at home and in salon conditions. A hole is made in the overgrown nail, in the free white part, with a needle, pin. Salons use a special drill.

From the edge of the nail you need to retreat a few millimeters and make a hole. Everything should be done so that the threaded ring is easily fixed.

Speaking of jewelry for this type of piercing, beautiful trinkets are sold ready-made, their variety is great. However, for these purposes, you can use homemade. It all depends on your own imagination. Jewelry for piercing, usually selected according to the color of clothes in harmony with manicure and makeup.

But, not everyone can afford to wear jewelry constantly because of the profession. The problem is solved, if the hole is made carefully, then it can be removed and glued with rhinestone. And having decided to get rid of it, simply shorten the nails with scissors.

Do not forget to remove the piercing jewelry at night and when doing household chores. After all, you can even inadvertently hook a nail or decoration, thereby damaging the nail. With a night's sleep, the decoration will be out of place. You can not completely control the movements in a dream. And this is also the risk of injury to the nail plate and in the morning the loss of a beautiful decoration.

The nail type of piercing does not have a moral component, which pursues other types of piercing and even interferes in your personal life. Our society cannot yet treat these types of jewelry loyally.

But the piercing on the nail, on the contrary, causes surprise, admiration for those who saw it. Moreover, this applies to both women and men of different ages.

What is a nail piercing?

Nail piercing is a specially made puncture on the nail plate into which a small piece of jewelry is placed. The official name, unfortunately, does not convey all the beauty of this type of nail decor, so to understand the essence it is better to look at the photos demonstrating the piercing of nails and come to their own conclusions.

Make a piercing necessarily near the edge of the nail plate, so that the jewelry looked the most advantageous and attractive. Ideal is considered a piercing on nails of medium length, spectacular and stylish - on long. Short nails are not pierced.

Nail piercing: advantages and disadvantages

Today, nail piercings can be observed almost everywhere. He is chosen by young girls, housewives and even a business woman. At the same time, disputes do not fall silent: is nail piercing fashionable? Handsomely? Exquisitely? The abundance of the advantages of nail art and a minimum of shortcomings testify in favor of positive reviews.

Among the disadvantages of piercing for nails, the following facts are distinguished:

  1. Piercing jewelry clings to everyone. To avoid this, you just need to pick up small decorative elements without sharp corners.
  2. Piercing spoils the nail plate. This will not happen if you follow the advice of the masters and perform punctures on the tips of extended nails.
  3. Piercing is ugly. A very controversial statement, as the sophistication and popularity of nail art proves something else.

All the "cons" of piercing for nails are easily disputed, and only the advantages are confirmed many times. The design benefits include:

  • unusual - jewelry invariably attracts increased attention,
  • festiveness - nail piercing is ideal for a smart manicure and is appropriate in any situation,
  • simplicity - you can make a neat hole and install jewelry in any salon and even at home,
  • fragility - under-pierced piercing is easily removed or changed to a new one,
  • harmlessness - following all the advice of professional masters will avoid injuries to the nail plate,
  • renewability - changing earrings and jewelry, you can at least every day create a different design of the selected manicure.

Despite all the recommendations of nail designers, many ladies prefer an independent manicure, and often choose home tools and conditions for piercing.

Nail piercing: do at home

There is nothing complicated in piercing a nail plate. But since the procedure is fraught with nail microtraumas, it is better to perform it according to a certain algorithm. For piercing nails you will need:

  • a sharp needle of a rather large diameter or a manicure drill,
  • varnish, and preferably gel or acrylic composition,
  • the jewelry itself is an earring, pendant or chain.

Creating a piercing on natural nails involves:

  1. Nail preparation. This is primarily a hygienic manicure with mandatory buff polishing, as well as coating the nail plate with varnish or gel composition twice, followed by thorough drying.
  2. Puncture. It is performed either with a red-hot needle, or with a special drill. The puncture is done strictly perpendicularly and precisely in the chosen place, for which the finger is placed on a solid and stable surface. The nail is pierced in the "safe" zone, that is, where its damage does not harm health. This is the tip of the nail plate or its lateral edge.
  3. Treatment. After a puncture, the nail must be treated with an antiseptic to avoid the appearance of fungus or inflammation.
  4. Decoration installation. The last stage is pulling the earring and securing it. This should be done as carefully as possible, especially if a decoration with a clasp is chosen.

Nail piercing is a promising and simple direction, which enjoys well-deserved popularity and interest from fashionistas.

Why do piercings?

Each person has his own specific reasons why he decides to decorate his body in this way. There are entire nations for which piercing is an integral part of culture and traditions. Someone decorates themselves with punctures just for beauty, for someone it is a tribute to fashion, for someone religious beliefs, etc. How many people there can be so many reasons for piercing. True, it’s probably the piercing of nails that can be safely attributed to the decorative look, without certain religious or social conventions.

On the other hand, a piercer is not always welcome. For example, the dress code of some companies, as well as their corporate style rules at all, prohibit employees from decorating with this decor. Again, nail piercings may be an exception in this set of strict rules, especially if it is performed with a sense of style and measure.

Nail punctures - what is it?

If we more or less imagine what a normal piercing of the ears or other parts of the body is, then so far this technique of decorating nails is not known to everyone. Given that the procedure is based on a puncture followed by the introduction of decorative jewelry, the question that arises in the first place is what exactly is pierced when decorating nails. After all, everyone knows that it is in the area of ​​the nail that a huge number of nerve endings are concentrated, and humanity has repeatedly used nails as a possibility of torture (the notorious needle under the nails) more than once. So is nail piercing a voluntary torture? Fortunately, not everything is so terrible. Firstly, decorating nails in this way is painless, secondly it’s safe, thirdly it’s fashionable, and fourthly it’s beautiful (see photo or video on the net).

This is confirmed by the claws of the business woman, representatives of the political elite, movie stars, etc., decorated with pebbles, silver and gold jewelry. Puncture of nails is not painful and most importantly (unlike piercing of the soft parts of the body) it is completely hygienic and safe in terms of possible infection or infection.

If you choose a decoration with taste and place it on the nail plate in harmony with manicure, the result will surprise you with its originality and unusualness. True, nails decorated with ringlets, pebbles and pendants attract attention, therefore they should always be well-groomed and have a fresh manicure. That is, a nail piercing photo of which can be viewed on the set, suggests a perfect fresh manicure.

Features of Nail Piercing

There are certain points that a client should know about before deciding to make a nail piercing for its subsequent decoration.

Firstly, nail piercing at home can also be done, another thing is that a specialist in the salon will do everything not only faster, but more accurately and more beautifully.

Secondly, nail piercing is short-lived. After all, claws grow and tend to break (even overgrown). Accordingly, they are recommended to use not gold decorative elements, but special jewelry to decorate them.

The plate piercing procedure is preceded by a preparatory stage, which includes coating it with a thin layer of gel or acrylic (for hardening and strengthening).

The puncture itself is carried out not from the outside of the claw, but from the inside.

In the puncture process, special tools are used to allow the hole to be machined to give the plate a natural look. There is even a special drill for piercing nails.

Piercing can only be done provided that the plate is healthy, not stratified and not damaged by the fungus.

At home, the nail plate can be pierced with a sewing needle burning on fire. In the salon, piercing is carried out using a mini-drill, which a priori guarantees a better quality beautiful result

As for the decorations themselves, they can be purchased both in the salon (from the master) and in the store. The type of jewelry, as well as its placement on the fingers, depends on the wishes of the client. It is not recommended to decorate all fingers in a similar way. Minimalism in this case looks much more attractive and comfortable (see video).

According to customer observations and reviews, the most convenient and comfortable is piercing on the little fingers, the most original and common - on the middle finger. Especially beautiful and unusual look jewelry on a manicure in the form of a jacket. You can also decorate one claw with several punctures.

Claws decorated using the technology of "puncture" look really original and harmoniously look on the hands of both young girls and adult ladies. Another thing is that during the “operation” you need to be extremely careful not to catch the jewelry, otherwise the nail plate may be damaged.