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How to make photo story in DIY Album?


* * *
Just what will be
In your heart you will forever keep.
Just for someone
Noisy feast
And for you - Birth of a family!

* * *
Let's sit next to you
I beg you - do not lower your eyelashes.
Let's look into each other’s eyes
Freeze with you, cuddling like a bird.

Hug you - press your cheek against you
Just one word is worth all the recognition.
Please only be with me
After all, you know, there are no partings!

* * *
To love so sincerely
To love desperately
You merry
You sad ...
You are new
But again the former ...
Kinder than good
Tender than tender.
Love the serious
Sometimes careless
Stronger than strong
And longer than ETERNAL ...

* * *
I'm thunder to you
You are nonsense to me
I'm a dream for you
Quiet midnight light.

You are a verse to me
You moan to me
I'm screaming for you
I'm ringing for you.

* * *
The wedding is noisy, the wedding is drunk
Crowded and fun!
And the wine hops for the young of us,
Feet are dancing, head is cracking!

* * *
How wonderful it is to be with you
Trust, care, love
According to fate, to follow one path,
Divide everything in the world!

Love phrases:

Moments of love
Kiss of love
The wedding cake
First dance
The bride's bouquet
Together forever
You + me
Looking for a dream
The world is only for the two of us!
Enjoy happiness together!
A true love story never ends
Love is the biggest gift we can give each other
To fall in love is when butterflies fly in thoughts ...
Love is every day to please each other
Happiness is being together
Love is a world hugged with two hands
Now we are family
A kiss is when two souls meet with the tips of their wings
Love is when reality is better than a dream
Love is looking in one direction ...
Love is to enjoy life as children

* * *
Love is more precious than all treasures. She is a diamond that even kings cannot buy. She is the whole world, although she is hugged with two hands.

* * *
Love for you fills my heart with joy, teaches me to be faithful to my beliefs. And I offer you my heart, filled with sacred love, pure, and selfless, boundless.

* * *
Where there is love there is no need for interpretation, more beautiful than the words of two lovers of silence!

* * *
How much is needed for happiness?
Here not to take away, not to add
In the act of registration
Put your signature.

* * *
Gentle fingers in a strong hand
Glitter golden ring.
May now and forever
There will be no end to happiness!

* * *
He is serious, she is beautiful.
Young - in the eyes of love.
May this happy minute
It warms the blood for many years.

* * *
For happiness does not need words,
There are too many of them, you can get lost.
Words to look for - do not get to the point.
For happiness does not need words.
For happiness, you need a gentle, warm look,
When you quietly pronounce the name
When you carry such a storm
To melt a blizzard and snowfall
Casting only one happy look.

Some interesting ideas for DIY Photo Album

Photos can be arranged as soon as the soul desires, but it is better if they are in chronological order. An excellent preface to the children's album will be photographs of the last months of the mother’s pregnancy. The cover can be decorated with an unusual inscription - a wish, a special phrase, nickname or just an original drawing. First, make a sketch with a simple pencil, because it is easy to erase, and then we outline the outline with a white handle.

Scrapbooking will make the album memorable and especially dear to the heart, because in it you put not only memories, but also a piece of yourself! Is it a love story? Cut out from colored cardboard cute cupids, funny hearts that will remind you of the brightest feelings. Special stamps, stickers, beads and colored ribbons will help everyone create a real work of art.

The design options for these innovative albums are limited only by your imagination. Printing photos and the creative part will take a lot of time, but after making your first masterpiece, you will want to repeat this experience again! Instamag presents a huge selection of cool and original gifts that are sure to occupy a special place in your heart. On the site you can order original magnets, photos on canvas, amazing calendars and postcards. Each of our clients can count on timely delivery to any corner of the world, adequate cost and high quality.