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How to download and install themes on PSP


How to install a theme on psp

Greetings to all. In this article, I would like to share my knowledge with you, namely to tell you how to install a theme on psp. As you know, there are several theme formats:
Ctf themes for psp
Flash themes for psp (These are themes for old psp, I will not consider installation)
Gameboot themes for psp
Ptf themes for psp
I will write my manual for each of them. Let's start.
Install PTF themes on psp

-First, download your favorite theme from our huge ptf theme archive
- Then, connect your psp to your personal computer, via usb.
- Unzip the downloaded archive and copy the file with the extension .ptf to your psp in the folder / PSP / Theme.
- That's all, go to psp in "Settings"> "Theme Settings"> "Themes" at the very end and there will be your uploaded themes.

If after all the topics you have done, did not appear, check:
Have you downloaded it to the correct folder? (PSP / Theme)
Is this exactly ptf theme for psp? (Must be NAME.ptf)
Do you have the CXMB plugin disabled? (Must be disabled)
Install CTF themes on psp

Attention: To install themes in .ctf format, firmware 5.00 m33 and higher is required.

- First of all, download and install the cxmb plugin. (Installation instructions there)
- Then download the ctf theme with the language and parameters you need from our ctf theme archive
- Then, transfer it to psp in the / PSP / Theme folder
- On psp, do the following "Settings"> "Theme Settings"> "Themes" at the very end and there will be your downloaded themes.

This is how you learned how to install a theme on psp
And the last thing I want to tell you.
Install GAMEBOOT on psp

Install Themes in PTF format

To install PTF Themes on your PSP, you must:

1.) Download your favorite Topic

2.) Connect the PSP via USB to the computer

3.) The Theme file with the extension “.ptf” is placed in the PSP / THEME folder

If the Theme has not changed - check if the CXMB plugin is disabled in the Recovery menu.

If squares appeared instead of letters, then the Subject does not have Russian language support. What to do ? >>

>> Turn on the PSP and navigate the menu: