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How to install Vatsap on a tablet without a SIM card?


WhatsApp is a messenger, the main feature of which is that for registration and authorization you do not need a login and password, just your phone number. After registering at WhatsApp, you will have access to a service for exchanging messages and media files, as well as making calls over the Internet.

This messenger must be on every modern smartphone, as it allows its users to communicate for free online with people around the world. The application became so popular that its creators made special versions of mobile phones for computers and tablets, and even for smart watches Apple Watch, where there are basically no SIM cards. And therefore, the numbers. So can I install a Whatsap without a phone number? We’ll talk about this today.

How to set up Vatsap without a phone number

To connect a WhatsApp without a phone number, you will need to install it the same way you did before on your phone, and then use a special application.

  • First you need to download WhatsApp for free on your phone, computer or tablet.
  • If you have an account, restore it, if not, just install WhatsApp and close it.
  • Now you need to get a virtual number. And one small application will help you with this.

How to get a virtual number?

On the Internet there are quite a few different sites where you can get yourself a virtual number for personal purposes. However, to register with the WhatsApp, you need an activation code to come to this number, so most of these services will not work with the messenger.

Instructions for Vatsap without SIM:

  • You can download the Virtual SIM application on android, which will give you a virtual number in order to confirm the activation code of the WhatsApp.

  • After all this, you can simply remove the application from your phone, and the messenger will continue to work.
  • You just need to enter the number that Virtual SIM generated for you in the vatsap, get the code on it, activate your account and you're done.

Now you can use WhatsApp without a SIM card. In this case, you will have a full-fledged messenger with the same functionality as in the case of regular registration.

How to quickly download and install WhatsApp on a tablet?

We bring to your attention a simple method of installing Vatsap on a tablet. An attempt to download the messenger to the tablet from the official application store will be pointless. Since this device is not supported by the program. Despite official restrictions, there are ways to get around the ban. To install Vatsap on this device, the user will need:

  1. Valid phone number required to register in the application
  2. The presence of mobile Internet and Wi-Fi.
  3. The tablet is operational.
  4. Availability of free space in RAM.

Before downloading the apk file on an Android device, you need to activate the option that allows you to download software from third-party sources. To do this, the user must perform the following actions:

  • In the “Settings” of the device, select the “Security” section.
  • Next to the “Allow downloading applications from unknown sources” subsection, check the box. After downloading the installation file of Vatsap, change these parameters.

You can download the latest version of WhatsApp.apk from the official WhatsApp website located at To do this, use the search engine browser Google Chrome or Firefox to prevent sending to the Play Market. In addition, the installation file must be downloaded from a tablet or computer. In the latter case, the file is transferred from the PC to the tablet.

The installation procedure does not require special skills and takes only a few minutes. At the end of the process, launch the messenger through the shortcut located on the desktop. The program will open a window asking you to enter the active phone number. To do this, enter the number to which an existing account is linked, use any other SIM card or virtual number to register. An SMS with an authentication code will come to your mobile phone number. Next, make the account settings.

Install WhatsApp without a phone number using TextNow

In order to install whatsapp without a phone number and SIM card you need:

  1. Install the application if Vatsap has not been installed on the tablet before.
  2. When the messenger with the current number is installed on the device, uninstall the application and install a new program.

The user will need to download and install the TextNow application on the device. You can download the utility from the Play Market - for Android devices, App Store and iTunes - for devices with iOS, Microsoft Store - for Windows Phone. After downloading the installation file, install the utility. Now open the messenger, specify the country and enter the number indicated in TextNow. Wait a few minutes until the “Call me” option appears. Now return to the helper program. Answer the bot’s call and write down the security code. Enter the secret combination in the corresponding line of the WhatsApp window.

Install WhatsApp with a binding to a city number

There is another way to install Vatsap on a tablet without a SIM card - using a landline phone number. Run the messenger on the device, then perform the usual registration procedure. In the line where you need to indicate a valid mobile number, enter the home phone number. Wait for the end of the authentication procedure using SMS. Click the Call button to request a WhatsApp callback. Now answer the bot call and write down the security code dictated by it. You only need to enter the secret code in the authorization column in WhatsApp.