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How to become a model


Dream job! This is how all growing girls perceive the modeling career and by the age of 13 they plan to choose this particular path. She is associated with luxury and wealth: girls are available the best outfits from popular couturiers, jewelry, as well as chatting with stars, famous men and women. Only not everyone succeeds, and only a few try. The modern rhythm and time of open opportunities make a real way to become famous with the help of social networks, etc. Therefore, some frameworks for requirements have expanded significantly. The main thing is the desire, desire to work and interesting appearance. If you consider all this your dignity, consider how to become a model.

How to choose the most suitable direction in the modeling business?

It is worth considering that in the modern world the demand for non-standard is growing. Therefore, there is a separate category plus size, and you can often meet girls demonstrating clothes with an interesting piercing or an original tattoo. This is the exception rather than the rule. If you intend to devote yourself to modeling, you should respect your appearance and body, taking care of them and supporting them in a natural way.

When to start a modeling career?

Model business is multifaceted, so there is a demand for girls and women of different ages. The classic is the beginning of a career at the age of 14-15. But today they are also actively discussing the triumphant return of the 90s model to Cindy Crawford, that is, over 40 you can become successful in a certain direction. The target audience of consumers of fashionable goods is expanding significantly. You should not rely only on stable work after 30 years (if she does not look like a teenager). Therefore, if you want to achieve the heights in modeling, it is advisable to think about it early. If you are worried, so as not to fall into the bait of scammers, up to the age of 18, parental participation is acceptable.

Do you need knowledge to become a successful model?

Attractive appearance with appropriate parameters is now categorically insufficient to gain fame. Representatives of this profession, which are interesting to the public and employers, have a bright character and carry the ideas and stories of their lives to the masses. Without this and the ability to easily find a common language with different people, it is difficult to achieve high peaks. In modern conditions, social networks also help to make themselves known, when using them it is important to carefully monitor the statements and the quality of the photo so as not to alienate the audience and potential employers. This can be either an additional springboard, or pull to the bottom.

Some world famous models fell into the top fashion industry when scouts accidentally spotted them. But today, such an opportunity is a rarity, especially in remote regions of the country. The easiest and most effective way to get into the modeling business is to contact a specialized agency. This opens up not only the possibility of cooperation with employers around the world (after all, such organizations often sign contracts with foreign companies where they send their wards), but also learn the basics of the profession.

In specialized schools (open at modeling agencies) they get the first experience that helps in the correct perception and prepares girls and boys for work. They teach fashion shows, the basic concepts of fashion, style, the ability to use makeup products, style hair properly, and organize shows, photos, and videos to teach you how to use light and apply the most beneficial poses and camera angles. It is in such schools that future models with world-wide fame are studying.

No less important is the knowledge of foreign languages, especially with international status. If you plan to develop and conquer world podiums and photo platforms, you need to be able to freely communicate with the participants in the process.

How to get to the modeling agency?

In most cities, there are such companies, and in some - in a fairly large number. If there are no friends and acquaintances who can recommend and bring, the Internet comes to the rescue. There are a lot of operating organizations on the network that have established themselves as effective and reliable. But there are also scammers who seek only to get money. Therefore, be careful, carefully study the information, reviews and do not be afraid to say “no” at any stage if you find confirmation of illegal actions or a desire to use.

In order to declare yourself loudly and recommend yourself as a person who is serious about work, you need to present a portfolio. And preferably professional. This is a kind of business card, so do not skimp on high-quality photos in the studio. Especially if the priority is a photo or video direction. The better the set of pictures will be matched, the more agencies may be interested in order to offer profitable cooperation. It is advisable to take photographs with different photographers and in various styles - street, erotic, studio. This is an additional experience and an opportunity to show the presence of talent for reincarnation and versatility.

    The portfolio must include
  • Snips - photos without processing that demonstrate the natural and natural beauty of a girl or guy. Several pictures are taken in profile, full face, with a smile, waist-high, and also in full growth. It is preferable to have a minimum of clothes to assess the condition of the figure. Do not give up shoes with heels for a profitable feed. Makeup and hairstyle are not done, but you should make sure that they are well-groomed and look good in the frame. Such photos should be updated every few months to be as relevant as possible.
  • Model tests. Photos with minimal surroundings, contrasting light, often in black and white. They fully reveal the type of model, the ability to pose in front of the camera and the transmission of emotions. In these frames, it is important to show the talent of reincarnation, changing the facial expression and posture in each photo.
  • Pictures in the style of Fashion & Beauty. Processed, completed photos from commercial, copyright or creative projects. If there are no such photos, then amateur in no case need to be invested. Works with famous magazines, designers, and photographers are especially appreciated. And it’s worth striving for such a portfolio.

After a high-quality set of pictures has been taken (it should not include a huge amount of work, several copies of each type are enough), you need to fill out the questionnaire and provide everything to the modeling agency. This can be one, but reliable and proven, you want to work with, or different organizations to increase the likelihood of an effective job search. Then expect a call and an invitation to casting.

From the outback, they are often interested in how to become a model for a girl from a city where there are no such agencies? Do not be upset. Modern technology has provided the ability to communicate online from anywhere in the world. But if you are seriously considering a successful career, be prepared to move. And in this case it’s advisable to make a portfolio with professionals, and this often requires a trip to a city where there are such specialists. After considering the questionnaire and portfolio, a personal casting meeting is required, where the final decision on future cooperation is made.

What to prepare for?

I would like to immediately and in the pool with an head - an interesting job, good earnings. But it's not always the case. To succeed, it is not enough to have ideal parameters and an interesting appearance, it is important to be able to work and deny yourself a lot. A model cannot make a day off if it already has a podium event or a shoot planned. You need to be sociable, open, moderately shy and be able to restrain yourself from emotional impulses.

Before the doors of success open, you can get rejections at more than dozens of castings. This is what often makes girls and boys give up a modeling career. They do not withstand the psychologically constant race for offers with negative results. But if you are focused on reaching the heights in this area, be patient, diligent, and go on to a new casting. Becoming more experienced, over time, an understanding is developed of what is required in each individual case. And then - success and high fees are just around the corner.

This often depends on luck, but in the modeling business, to become famous and in demand, you need to constantly work, also on yourself. Well-groomed attractive appearance is the main argument of girls and guys in this area, so you should always monitor your body, skin, hair. At the start of a career, you should not refuse low-paying projects, because the most famous sharks in the modeling business started small. Participation in contests, photo shoots and presentations is a step towards a successful future. Do not stop there, do not despair, if you received another refusal, purposeful and hardworking always smiles luck and glory.