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How to change the default browser


Hello everybody. Today will be a short article, because the issue that we will consider is quite simple and easy.

After you bought a computer or laptop, you will have one browser installed - Internet Explorer. In Windows 10, in addition to it, a new one is also installed - Microsoft Edge. But, as practice shows, few people use such programs. Most install additional browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Yandex Browser and others.

Initially, either Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge in Win10 is set by default on your system. This means that these browsers will open any link that you received in a letter or in Skype, Mail Agent, etc. And therefore, after installing an additional one, for example, Firefox, a similar window will pop up with a notification that you should assign this program by default.

And you decide whether to install it like that or not. I must say that such browsers give out all browsers that are not installed by default. If there are no such notifications, then let's look at how to assign this or that browser by default. First, let's see how to do it in Windows 7 - 2 ways - (not all users have yet updated to the new version of Windows), and then - in Win10

How to make windows 7 default browser

So, 1 way - in the browser itself. Let's go quickly through the main ones. The task is simple - go to the settings of the desired browser and make it the main one.

For faster access, enter in the address bar - about: preferences

Yandex browser. In the query string, enter - browser: // settings or do the following

Vivaldi. In the search box, enter - vivaldi: // settings or follow standard steps.

Google Chrome After starting in the address bar, enter - chrome: // settings / or go to the main menu and select "Settings»

Opera neon. This new experimental browser can also be configured by default. For this we indicate chrome: // settings / or do this

After you have made this or that browser by default, it becomes the main one. At the same time, 2 or more browsers cannot be made the main one. Only one. This was the first option.

2 way - using the Windows 7 Control Panel

Go to the menu "Start» - «Control Panel". Next, select "Default programs»

Here we go to "Set default programs»

From the list on the left, select the browser, for example, Firefox and click on "Use this program by default". Here is another way to make the program basic.

How to make windows 10 default browser

In the Windows 10 version of the system, using 1 method described above, System Settings opens and only there you can set the default browser. Therefore, if you decide to change the main browser to another, immediately go to the menu "Start"And select"Options»

Next, go to the settings section "System»

And then go to "Default apps»

Here you will see which web browser you currently have is the main one. To change, simply click on the icon and a list of all available browsers will open. Choose the one you want and the system will automatically set it by default.

It’s so easy and simple to change one web browser to another. Work with each of them, and you yourself will determine the one that is more to your liking and comfortable in work.

In the meantime, that's all for today. If you have questions, ask in the comments. Until next time and good mood.

Childhood is when you can make unforgivable mistakes and hope that you will be forgiven.

Robert Downey (Jr.)

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How to make Google Chrome the default browser

In order to use Google Chrome as the default browser, open its main menu and go to the "Settings" section.

In the Settings at the bottom of the page, you will see the "Set Google Chrome as my default browser" button.

After clicking on this button, Google Chrome will become the default browser.

How to use Mozilla Firefox as your default browser

In order to make Mozilla Firefox the default browser, click on the "Firefox" button, which is located in the upper left corner of the program, and in the window that opens, select the "Settings" item.

In the Mozilla Firefox browser settings, go to the "General" tab. Here in the "System Settings" section there is a button "Make Firefox the default browser." By clicking this button, you will make the Mozilla Firefox browser the default browser.

In addition, above the button there is a function "Always check at startup whether Firefox is the default browser." If you enable this function, when you change the default browser, the Firefox browser will report that it is not the default browser and offer to fix it.

How to make Opera the default browser

In order to use the Opera web browser as the default browser, open the Opera menu, which is located in the upper left corner of the program.

In the window that opens, go to "Settings". Also, the Opera browser settings window can be opened using the Alt + P key combination.

At the top of the settings window, you will see the "Use Opera as default browser" button. After clicking on this button, the Opera web browser will be used by the operating system as the default browser.

How to make Internet Explorer the default browser

After installing the Windows operating system, the default browser is Internet Explorer. If you changed the default browser, but then decided to return Internet Explorer, then this is easy to do.

Open Internet Explorer and press the Alt button. After pressing the Alt button, the menu "File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools, Help" will appear at the top of the Internet Explorer window. Open the “Tools” menu, then open the menu item “Browser Properties”.

In the "Browser Properties" window on the "Programs" tab, there is a "Use by default" button.

By clicking this button, you will make Internet Explorer the default browser. In addition, under the button there is a function "Notify me if Internet Explorer is not the default browser." If you enable this feature, Internet Explorer will inform you if it ceases to be the default browser and offers to fix it.

How to change the default browser through the Control Panel

You can also set the default browser through the Control Panel. To do this, open the Control Panel and go to the "Programs - Default Programs - Set Default Programs" section.

Further, in the window that opens, select the browser that you want to make the default browser, and click on the "Use this program by default" button. After that, save the result by clicking on the “OK” button.

Here you can also specify which files will be opened using this or that program. To take advantage of this opportunity, click on the "Select defaults for this program" button.

What is the default browser?

In the main settings of the computer, you can find the option “Default browser”. It means which of the browsers located on your computer will open links. That is, if you open a file containing a link to a document or page, you will not receive the message “Using which browser to execute this command?”, But immediately go to the desired tab.

Change the way you open programs and files

If you cannot install the default browser, you can do the opposite: set all the files and programs to the browser through which they will be required to open at startup.

    Through a Windows search, open "Options."

So, if you use several browsers at the same time, you need to choose the most convenient one and change the computer settings so that all the necessary files and programs are opened by default using it. This can be done through the Windows settings or the settings of the browser itself. If the default browser is constantly reset, then you need to fix this problem manually using one of the above methods.